7 New Normal Essentials to Help You Become More Productive While Working From Home

Work From Home Essentials

With the new normal in place, many of us are still working from home. This abrupt shift has surprised some people, who aren’t used to the idea of working in the bedroom or the kitchen. It takes getting used to, especially if you have tons of distractions everywhere, like Netflix, the fridge, and the big, comfortable bed. With the right essentials, you can finish all your work for the day without having to do overtime.

Below are new normal essentials to help you become more productive while working from home:

An ergonomic chair

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Avoid working in bed because of the mental associations our brain makes. We have to have boundaries in our home: we sleep in an area where we don’t work, and we work in an area where we don’t relax. Given this, it’s important to find a nook at home where you can work in peace. The next step is to get an ergonomic chair. You’ll be spending hours sitting, so get one that’s comfortable. Sitting in the wrong chair for seven to eight hours will give you back pain, which will make you less productive. Find one that can adjust the height and a padded back that can support your spine.

Diffuser with essential oil

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Essential oils are said to affect mood, and there are plenty of scents that are supposed to help with productivity and concentration. The sense of smell is the strongest and can influence brain activity. To help you find your work groove, stick to lemon to help you concentrate, rosemary to help your memory and to combat exhaustion, and peppermint to boost your energy. At the end of the day, you can use lavender to help you relax. You can take a whiff from the bottle or put them in an electric diffuser to spread the aroma at home.

Coffee or tea

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You know that feeling of sleepiness that you experience right after eating lunch? Or at various times of the day? Keep your productivity going with a ready cup of coffee and tea for that kick of caffeine. Choose from your favorite coffee shops offering delivery, 3-in-1 sachets, or any of the artisanal coffee beans or ready-made drinks offered by online businesses. If you don’t drink coffee, choose tea for a gentler touch of caffeine.

A supply of water

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Once you’ve hit your groove, there’s no turning back. You’re ready to answer all those emails and finish your deliverables. You are a beast. You’re about to take a sip of water only to find your bottle or glass empty. You go to the kitchen to replenish and when you’re back at your nook, you’ve lost the groove and you’re suddenly distracted by social media or YouTube videos. Avoid this by having a big vacuum-insulated water bottle by your side. Get the vacuum-insulated one so your beverage stays hot or cold for long periods of time.


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The same goes with snacks. Keep a small stash of snacks at your disposal so you can fuel yourself regularly. Make sure to keep it healthy (or add a few healthy ones if you’re into chips and cookies) so you don’t compromise your health. We suggest nuts, wholegrain bread, fruits, and other stuff that’s also good for your body. You can also use this as a reward, where you can open a treat when you complete a task.

Laptop stand

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Using a laptop for extended periods of time can lead to back pain, neck pain, and headaches. It turns out it’s because we’re hunched over with our head tilted downwards. A laptop stand or riser can help prevent this by raising the laptop to eye level. It also helps by reducing carpal tunnel syndrome and improving your posture.

Blue Shield glasses


Another thing that gets compromised when using the computer for hours is the eyesight. Digital screens emit blue light, which contributes to blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches. Thankfully, eyewear brands have made blue shield glasses to filter out blue light. The brand that we trust is OWNDAYS, which cuts blue light by up to 25%. You can buy their PC glasses, which are designed to be light, comfortable, and without prescription so anyone can wear them.

You can also get a Blue Shield lens upgrade, where you can choose from any of OWNDAYS frames and have them customized with the Blue Shield technology. This one can filter from 30% to 45% of blue light. The best part about this is that you can go to any OWNDAYS store and have your glasses ready in 20 minutes. You can further upgrade to the blue shield lenses with UV 420 technology, which has a front and back surface coating to disperse the light away from the eye. This one takes 7-10 working days to be ready.

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