6th ICCT Engineering Day

 Poster WIM

ICCT College of Engineering is celebrating their 6th Engineering day this 2018. They are committed to producing competent students in the fields of the fast-paced Computer, Electronics, and Communication Engineering.


The course program forms the foundation for various disciplines leading to the specialization in the desired subfield; they will assist the students by equipping them with information on the latest development in the field, and preparing them for the licensure examinations.

Students will start with interesting and challenging core courses in circuits, electronics, digital logic, microprocessors and microcontroller systems, computer networking, programming and the design of digital system upon taking the course.

After completing their core courses, students can then take more advanced courses in robotics, hardware-based systems and computer network. The program culminates with the student working on a two-term design project in order to apply all of the knowledge and skills that they have acquired.

Official Hashtag: #oneENGINEERING