6 Sure Ways to Win Over Senior High

Article by Isaiah Emmanuel D. Suguitan

Being a student is very tough on all domains of life. In fact, I struggle with all of the adjustments and changes that school life deals me. This became especially evident when I changed schools during Senior High School. From Pasig City, I now study in the City of Manila, which opened opportunities and benefits for me to find myself and get to know the city better as a Thomasian.

Now that a school year has passed and I have somehow adjusted, I would like to share 6 tips on how to survive Senior High School.

6 Sure Ways to Win Over Senior High

6. Be organized!

Papers here, papers there. Before the term ends, your bag will definitely be filled with tons of papers and exams! So, my tip  is to be as organized as possible. Get a clear book or plastic envelope where you can place all your documents, past exams, and even more papers.

With the ton of paperwork waiting, you might want to consider getting organizers like this!

If you’re the type of student who brings a lot of things to school, get a bag that suits your personality – maybe one with several pockets.

With numerous things to do, having a planner (whether it is in print or digital) can be really handy!

5. Take notes!

Don’t be sure that the professor will give you a copy of his presentation. According to studies, listening while taking notes during lectures can help you remember crucial ideas on a concept. Also, it will make you less sleepy when the teacher’s voice lulls you to take a nap! Hehe XD

If you wish, you may rewrite your notes from your laptop. You’ll be able to create cleaner notes this way, as well as retain the concepts in your mind at the same time!

4. Do your PeTas way before the deadline!

A common thing you’ll hear from SHS students is the continuous piling of PeTas given by the faculty. The scariest thing that may even happen is that you need to pass more than what you can the next day! To avoid this, avoid procrastinating and just do it! The earlier you do the tasks, the more hours of well-deserved shut-eyes you will get!

When doing a lot of things simultaneously, know your priorities! Identify which one would be best to do first in order to maximize productivity.

3. Don’t rely solely on your professors!

All teachers can teach you something and help you understand different concepts. However, they don’t all teach well. As the student, it is your goal to pass your courses! As part of adjusting to the system, allot enough time for research and read books that are relevant to your lessons. You can do this when you get home or during your vacant period.

TIP: For students who have trouble with Math and Science, I recommend watching YouTube videos. Most of them teach things better with better techniques than those taught at school or printed in books!

When you have spare time, grab the opportunity to study (even while you’re in public transportation, if you can)!

2. There is no such thing as too much reviewing!

In a system where you have piles of difficult subjects (special mention to STEM, my strand), there are big chances of you failing that subject and repeating it during the special term/summer term. So, during exams, whether it is just a quiz or a big test; review ahead of time!

If you are from STEM, subjects like Math (Gen Math, Statistics, Pre-Cal and Basic Cal) and Science (Earth Sci, DRRR, Gen Bio, Gen Chem and Gen Phy) will definitely take time to understand (unless you’re a genius of some sort). Keep on practicing your Math and Science skills ‘til they become as sharp as a needle!

1. Take care of yourself and don’t dwell too much on your grades!

A lot of students really work hard to pass and it surely pays off (most of the time). However, keep in mind that your grade is just a number. It won’t define who you are. It is just a representation of how you learned in a specific learning area based on the scores you get. True learning is still based on how you apply what you learned in the field in real life. Moreover, take care of your health since your body is what enables you to study and work!

With all of these tips, you will definitely do well in Senior High School! Add in some prayers and you’re ready to go, ‘mate! Have fun, good luck, and God bless!

P.S. Do whatever it takes to get that diploma!

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