6 Reasons Why RAVERS (Party Animals) are the Best People on Earth



During my stay in the University of Santo Tomas, I can say that I have met a lot of different people. There are the smart ones – the kind you’d always want to be groupmates with; the GCs (or the grade-conscious) – they usually cry over a 1.25 and hate themselves for being stupid (‘Teh? Adik ka ba?); the happy-go-lucky kids – they are always happy and… Well, they’re always happy… And late in class; the PDA couples – they would always touch each other ALL. THE. TIME; and many more.

But the best people I know are the ravers.

You know, those who always spend their Friday nights at clubs, bars, street parties, etc. Wherever there’s booze over super loud EDM. Exam the following week? Better rave first. Big ass plate due the next day? A rave night wouldn’t hurt, would it? Seriously, these people, they’re the best.

Here’s a couple of reasons why:

6. They are super creative. Most of the ravers I know always bring spark to anything previously boring. They hate anything plain. They don’t like simple. They like colors – the bright, neon ones. And oh, they tweet the funniest stuff, too! (Speaking of, where the hell is Khaela de Leon?! Hasn’t she returned to the Twitterverse yet??) They do things their way and once they start with anything, they end it with flying colors. I never really knew why, probably because they’re used to seeing flying colors and lights every weekend. You know, parties and stuff. Just their thang.

5. They are never boring. I don’t know if they binge-drink Red Bull all the time or take multivitamins as snacks but whatever it is, ravers. Don’t. Get. Tired. They always make people laugh, whether on purpose or effortlessly. They like movement. They like action. Most of the ravers I know are members of dance troupes, theater guilds, etc. If not, trust me, they are legit Shower Superstars. Ravers are the energy-slash-happy pills we need from time to time.

4. They’re always ready to hang out. I spent one summer in the University because of org duties. By day, I’m at school, working. By night, well, I talk to my dorm walls and my pillows. When it came to the point that I can’t take the lonely nights anymore, who was there for me? Yep, you guessed right. My friend – who happens to be a raver. I’m guessing they’re always ready to hang out because they are used to being surrounded by happy people, and they don’t want their friends to feel alone. Needless to say, I had an awesome summer that year. Because remember? Ravers are never boring.

3. You can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets. You secretly like the smell of used socks? Don’t be shy, tell a raver. He won’t judge. You are in love with your best friend? Tell a raver. He’ll listen, he’ll probably even give you a nice piece of advice. You flunked Calculus and can’t tell your parents? Tell a raver. He’ll understand. Ravers are trustworthy. No matter how nasty my secrets are, I’m never afraid to tell a raver. Because he would never tell on me. Well, I bet he won’t even remember my confessions. I just make sure to confess after his long rave night – when he’s super drunk. The next day? Nah. He won’t remember. So he won’t tell anyone. He can’t tell anyone.

2. Connections. Connections that you don’t have *insert Laida Magtalas’ smirk here*. Every raver I know is a walking phonebook. Really. They probably know half of Manila’s population. Need a certain person’s contact number? Ask a raver. Chances are he already partied with him. Even celebs. Yes, they’re even friends with celebs. How lucky you are! Being friends with a person who’s friends with celebs! But don’t worry, because

1. A raver will never change. He will always be your friend. You can always count on him. Yes, he’s been to many late night adventures and to God-knows-what. But he knows himself well and he knows that partying is just a thing he does (well, regularly) and that it will never eat away his very personality. A raver will still and always be that smart person you know, the happy-go-lucky kid, the grade-conscious, or hell, even the half of a PDA couple.


And oh, he’s probably rich enough to buy you, your friends or a club – but he never will. Because he is a good person. And why on Earth would you buy a club if you can just buy a ticket to a party that would make you feel like you already own the club?

Yep. That’s possible, because on May 22, 2015 (Friday), we are all VIPs at EQUINOX – an All-Thomasians rave party at the Area 05 Superclub, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. There will be UNLIMITED drinks, bar games, breathtaking performances and more! DJ Ace Ramos and DJ Callum David will spin for us, too! So, calling out the best people in the world out there! See you at EQUINOX!