6 Lovable Lee Seung Gi Moments from His First Manila Fan Meet

Words by Kimberly Claire Reyes
Featured Image from New Frontier Theater

Thousands of Filipino fans or “Airens” flocked into the New Frontier Theater for Lee Seung Gi’s first-ever fan meeting—Vagabond Voyage in Manila—last October 12, 2019. Loud cheers erupted from the pumped-up crowd as the actor made his grand entrance to the stage. In the first few seconds, you could already hear the fans screaming at the top of their lungs, hearts beating fast at the sight of the handsome artist waving them hello. And that’s only just the beginning.

Korea’s one and only “Triple Threat Entertainer,” Lee Seung Gi, is a force to be reckoned with. Having debuted as a singer back in 2004, Lee Seung Gi has captured the hearts of many with his songs like “Because You’re My Woman” and “Return.” Aside from being a talented singer, Seung Gi is also well-known for starring in famous dramas such as “A Korean Odyssey” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”

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6 Lovable Lee Seung Gi Moments from His First Manila Fan Meet

1. Lee Seung Gi’s Grand Entrance

As if simply appearing in front of his fans wasn’t enough to drive them crazy, Lee Seung Gi had decided to serenade them with a romantic song that could make anyone’s heart swell with love. This Korean star’s angelic voice and emotional execution are what earned him the well-deserved nickname of the Ballad Prince, and there’s no doubt that he has lived up to that name—that’s for sure.

2. Children!

When asked about his experience in the variety show called Little Forest, Seung Gi mentioned that he felt overjoyed while working with a lot of children. He jokingly said that the experience also made him realize that he doesn’t want to work with them ever again. As for his future plans in having children, Seng Gi laughed and said that he has always wanted to have three kids.

3. Vagabond

Seung Gi also talked about his recent drama, Vagabond, during the first part of the event. He mentioned that most of the stunts were actually done by him which resulted in a few minor wounds disguised as additional props for the series.

4. A Chef in Disguise

Who doesn’t love a man who can cook?

During the fan meeting, Lee Seung Gi showcased his master cooking skills by creating a kimbap from the most peculiar ingredients available. Not only that, but a fan was given the opportunity to be fed by Lee Seung Gi himself (talk about lucky!). I don’t know about you, but I would’ve surely fainted from this intense kilig moment!

5. Sipa, Jump-rope, and more!

As part of the main event, nine lucky fans were randomly chosen to play four games with their beloved Lee Seung Gi. Throughout the entire duration of the game, you can constantly hear the audience cheering their team on to victory. Laughter was heard throughout the theatre as Seung Gi attempted to play our traditional game, sipa, and then excited squeals echoed just after when the Korean idol, along with the chosen fans, were tasked to hold on to each other to balance on top of a mat. Not only that but the group who won this game had the chance to take a photo up-close with Seung Gi himself!

6. Seung Gi Expresses His Love to His Fans

Before the program ended, Lee Seung Gi performed a song dedicated to his Filipino Airens. What’s even more amazing is that his fans actually surprised him with a personal video they personally created. They also sang a heartfelt song to the Korean star who was overcome with immense gratitude. This portion of the event was certainly an emotional moment for both Seung Gi and his fans.

It is truly no surprise that Lee Seung Gi has successfully made his fellow Airens swoon and fall head-over-heels in love with his irresistible charm and light-hearted personality. The entire night was jam-packed with splendor and laughter as the crowd went wild with the one-of-a-kind interaction Lee Seung Gi has given them. From the energetic performances to the heart-stopping games, this fan meeting was indeed a night to remember!

Though the program reached its end, you can still feel the fans’ love radiating inside the theater. And if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that we Airens will definitely be counting down the days for his next return. After all, just as Lee Seung Gi said, the end is the start of another beginning

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