6 Basketball Movies to Get Your Baller Emotions Flowing

Coming into Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals, die hard enthusiasts and fan girls/boys alike are extremely excited to see who gets them rings to rep their city. While we wait for whoever we root for to be crowned the champs on Monday, here are some movies that could help you get those basketball emotions flowing:

6 Basketball Movies to Remind Us of the Beauty of the Game

6. Semi-Pro (2008)

Semi-Pro movie

I, for one, am a Will Ferrell fan, so it is only fitting that I have this movie on this list. First of all, it is funny as heck! The story takes place as the merge between the ABA and NBA happens and only four teams from the ABA can be absorbed into the NBA. Now, Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) has to will his team to win, considering he is the owner, coach, and starting forward of the team!

5. Like Mike (2002)

Like Mike movie

Like Mike is a great movie because every other kid out there dreams to play in the big leagues. If you were in Lil Bow Wow’s shoes, you’d be dunking and shooting circles over NBA superstars, such as Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, and Allen Iverson with the help of magical sneakers. And he got room service… for free!

4. White Men Can’t Jump (1986)

White Men Can't Jump movie

Another Woody Harrelson movie (he’s in Semi-Pro, too!)! What can I say? He’s a funny guy. Woody plays Billy, a white boy who is underestimated by other players. Little do they know that this white boy got game and he uses his skills to own the court and get money real quick. A con movie and a basketball movie in one  perfect!

3. Space Jam (1996)

Space Jam movie

Who could ever forget Looney Tunes x NBA? What’s better than his Airness playing alongside your favorite Looney Tunes? Seeing these characters play ball with Michael Jordan is really something kids and adults can enjoy together. Space Jam is also one of the best ensembles that helped Jordan revive his career after baseball.

2. He Got Game (1998)

He Got Game movie

A movie about fathers, sons, and the greatest sport of all (at least for us basketball fans), all in one single movie directed by Spike Lee. Denzel Washington’s character spends his years in prison because of domestic violence. In order to shorten his sentence, Denzel has to convince his son (played by Ray Allen) to play for the warden’s alma mater. You can really tell that Spike Lee has a story to tell from the hood  a compelling story between father and son. 🙂

1. Coach Carter (2005)

Coach Carter movie

Last but not least, the controversial Coach Carter, famous for punishing his players by sending them to the bench if they get low grades until they get them up by a high margin as he wants his players to do well in class and on the hardcourt. This is really one of those movies that talks about a person’s passion and doing whatever it takes to make it happen!

What’s your favorite basketball movie? Did we miss anything?


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