#50ShadesManila: Hilarious, Witty, Unique Valentines Show For You And Your Special Someone!

Everyone gets excited about Valentines Day. Whether you’re single or not, you always find a special way to celebrate it.

Apart from the Yuletide season, this is the special day where you make a little effort.

50 Shades Manila

Studies show that drinking alcohol could either increase your stress or may give you a pleasant, stimulating feeling.

50 Shades Manila

Depending on the mood or occasion, a shot of an alcoholic beverage could make someone feel jolly, talkative, and excited. According to menshealth.com, alcohol is an ultimate confidence booster and great stimulant to perform better in bed.

Meanwhile, according to an article entitled: Your Favorite Color is the Key To Your Sexual Life, people who love color orange are more sensual and loves to foreplay.

Very timely as these shots were prepared to all media partners who were invited to watch the #50ShadesManila, The (Hilarious) Musical Parody yesterday.

50 Shades Manila

Like the book series, 50 SHADES! The Musical Parody is definitely for ADULTS only! Only 18 years old and above can watch this exceptional musical. But, it doesn’t cross boundaries that would make general audiences squirm.

Hilarious and Witty – How Much FUN Can You Take?

#50ShadesManila is incredibly comical! From the opening number til the end of the show, we were laughing out loud!

50 Shades of Grey Musical Parody

Okay, so the show started with the three ladies in a book club. Just like how the novel by E.L James was perceived by everyone, the ladies must read the book to enhance their sexual desires. They believed that the book will help feed the “hole inside of them.”

50 SHades The Musical Parody

The show is full of dance numbers, 11 original songs and a live band backing the performance. Original songs include “How Much Can I Take?”, “I Don’t Make Love”, and “There’s a Hole Inside of Me”. Moreover, our seasoned Filipino casts namely Bituin Escalante, Karel Marquez, Lorenz Martinez, George Schulze, and Julz Savard, are phenomenal were also phenomenal.

50 Shades Manila

Yes, I had a lot of FUN!!! I don’t think I will get tired or bored from watching this. Never. Thank you for bringing this to Manila!!

Unique Valentines Date 

Flowers, candies, romantic dinner, just to name a few, are already staple. These are the usual stuff we normally do every Valentines Day. While there’s nothing wrong with that, being unique is a different story.

50 Shades manila

This Valentines Day, I encourage you to watch #50ShadesManila. It’s a unique way or rather indirectly telling your partner to become more “creative” between the sheets.

To date, the show has sold over 1 million tickets worldwide with more than 3000 live performances and has inspired countless laughs! According to the Producers of the show, they might bring #50ShadesManila to Cebu, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Featured in the musical is a mix of international Thespians, including performers from the Off-Broadway and Las Vegas productions of 50 Shades! The Musical Parody, plus some homegrown stage and screen talents. Leading the foreign artists are Brenna Wahl, Greg Kata, Chloe Williamson, Kaitlyn Frotton, Chris Hodgson, Casey Renee Rogers, and Isaac Saleh.

50 Shades Manila

While the show is explicitly sexual, it boils down to loving yourself first unconditionally. The show will teach you how to love yourself and conquer the fear of being more “intimate.”

Honestly, my greatest takeaway from the show is that everyone has that “hole” inside of us. One way or another, we sometimes feel empty inside. Now that we became a web-centric world, everyone is quick to judge. And, there are a lot of materials and write-ups we come across on social media that can lower our self-esteem. Therefore, we eventually become a “social prisoner.” The show demonstrates otherwise. They found a special way to tell everyone, we are uniquely and wonderfully made!

Friends, life is too short to be taken seriously! So, invite your friends, husbands, partners, everyone who can relate, watch 50 SHADES! The Musical Parody!  It will surely rock your world! As described by Time Out Los Angeles, “TAKE YOUR INNER GODDESS TO THIS SMASH HIT!”

50 SHADES! The Musical Parody  is presented by Vivre Fort Entertainment and 9 Works Theatrical in cooperation with ABS-CBN, e-PLUS Tap to Pay, Starworld, Fox, Fox Filipino, David’s Salon, Victoria Court, Philippine Star, Home Radio 97.9, Mellow 94.7 and Luna Films.

Tickets are now available at SM Tickets, Ticketworld, and Ticketnet outlets. Only limited tickets are available so secure your tickets now.  

For more information about the show, visit www.50shadesmanila.com or call (02) 470 6956.

Opening night is set for February 12, 2016, at the Carlos P. Romulo Theater in RCBC Plaza, Makati.

What are you up to this Valentines Day? Also,