5 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy While On A Budget

Pigging out at Noche Buena is so last year — literally! It’s the same old story: we vow to be healthier and fitter at the beginning of the year for our New Year’s Resolutions, and just in time for summer.


Two months into the New Year, and the gyms are PACKED with people who are set to fulfill their #FitnessGoals and tone those abs before the beach season kicks in. But there’s really that pressure to stay fit all-year long as the fitness craze has undoubtedly hit Manila, with all kinds of studios offering different workouts that promise to be the most effective one for you!

Don’t even get us started on the healthy, vegetarian, and organic restaurants that have sprouted like mushrooms. What’s more, there are so many diet deliveries all over the metro now, that helps you keep track of your calorie-counting and weight loss.


Making the commitment to stay fit is a good one, as it’s always good to have a healthy lifestyle! Yet what many don’t realize is that when you’re keeping up with the trendiest workouts or buying whole, organic ingredients from special health groceries, it can put a huge dent in your pocket. While gym memberships and organic diet food can be pricey, it doesn’t always have to be this way. Be smart with your savings while keeping a healthy lifestyle, with these five ways!

5. Buy fresh produce at the supermarket


Who says you have to go to a special health food store to get pricey, imported diet food when you can buy fresh produce that is just as good for you? Go to your supermarket and get to the aisle selling fresh fruits and vegetables. If you know a local supplier near your home or a vendor at a market that can get you some great-quality produce, the better. Many of these fruits and greens have the necessary nutrients to keep your body strong and healthy.

4. Cook your own food in bulk

Nawwtys Kitchen

Buying food in bulk and cooking your own meals at home is not only nutritious for you, it’s also a great way to save money. For example, purchasing a whole chicken can last you several nights: steam the chicken a la Hainanese the first night, and then use the leftovers for Asian chicken salad the next.

3. Make the most of your commute


Little changes in your daily commute can do wonders. If you’ve been using a ride-sharing app to work, try walking until you get to the bus stop, or even riding a bike. If this isn’t possible during the day, then do it on the way home. Been riding an elevator to the office? Unless you’re on the 20th floor, climbing the stairs does so much for compensating for exercise.

2. Work out at home

home workout

You don’t have to shell out a lot of money for an expensive gym membership to sweat — your living room can turn into your own workout studio! There are tons of free workout videos that you can find on the Internet that are fun, trendy and effective, like Pop Pilates or Shaun T’s Focus T25.

1. Download an app that can keep track of your fitness progress

The best thing about your phone, fitness-wise, is that it can easily help you keep tabs on your fitness progress, and even help you get fit better. Get an app that gives you quick and detailed information, and quickly analyzes your lifestyle to see how much it’s affecting your health. It should also be able to track your exercise activity, like running or walking. We like the Philam Vitality Active App, which allows you to see your calculated Vitality Age, or how your body is affected by your current lifestyle. It also syncs with your running devices, and rewards you for every fitness goal or challenge completed. The best part is that it’s free, so you won’t have to spend a dime on it!


It is easy and practical to start staying fit on a budget — it’s all about being resourceful with what you have.

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