5 Ways Jesse McCartney Made Us Love Him Even More During His Manila Concert

I’ve been a fan of Jesse McCartney since I was in grade school; that was in 2004. He became a part of my childhood and a lot of people grew up listening to his songs like Beautiful Soul, Right Where You Want Me, Just So You Know, Leavin’, and Shake. I even considered him to be my Prince Charming.

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When I found out that he was having his first concert here in the Philippines, I was so happy because I would be seeing my childhood prince in the flesh. I know a lot of other people felt the same way.

5 Ways Jesse McCartney Made Us Love Him Even More During His Manila Concert

5. He took us on a trip down memory lane.

This was Jesse’s first concert in the Philippines. He sang his hit songs from our childhood and made us feel like we were children again. Most of the concert-goers sang along with the songs and it was amazing how everyone still had the lyrics memorized despite the songs being kinda old.

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Fun fact: Jesse also sang his own version of Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis since he actually wrote that song. I bet some of you guys didn’t know that.

4. Jesse proved that he can still dance.

Jesse performed some of his new songs like Wasted and Better With You. Better with You was one of the highlights of the night because Jesse asked us to hold up our phones to light up the venue and make the night more magical. Aside from that, his dance moves are still so good! I felt like I was watching Jesse perform in the year 2004. Nothing has changed. He’s definitely a great performer.

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3. Jesse had the ultimate fan service!

Jesse asked the crowd who wanted to go on stage with him while he sang his rendition of Robin Thicke’s “The Stupid Things” and picked a fan named Mariana. She was wearing a Beautiful Soul shirt.

He serenaded the fan, knelt for her, kissed her hand, and hugged her after the performance. Such a lucky girl!

2. Jesse asked us to party with him after the concert.

Jesse loved the energy of the fans at the concert. In fact, according to him, “Manila is the best place in the world”. It must have been true because even asked us to party with him after the concert!

1. Jesse sang Beautiful Soul and made the night unforgettable.

This was my most awaited part, as this is my favorite Jesse McCartney song. At the time, I told myself I wouldn’t be going home without hearing this song. Well, it was worth the wait and it was the perfect final song that left our hearts in awe. I will never ever forget this night.

Until now, I’m still having PSD. This concert was definitely one of the books and I’m glad that I got to watch it live. During the concert, Jesse also promised that he would be back in the Philippines soon. Well, I will definitely watch that concert again if it happens. Looking forward to it!

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