5 ways Deadpool could join the MCU

Deadpool has wowed us time and time again with his crazy antics, fourth wall breaking, and his general disregard for logic and continuity. His cheeky character coupled with the situations he finds himself in (and don’t forget the A+ choices in music) are perfect for those who enjoy his brand of meta humor. He’s grown to be a character that is beloved by Marvel fans, new and old.

Now, a big question many have had is if he’s going to join the MCU or not and how exactly that’d happen. After a few big moves from big companies, this possibility has grown more likely over the years. And the constant jokes and references that DP makes to the MCU only ever reinforces that curiosity of how he could join and meet those of the MCU. Well, we’ve got 5 theories of how he could:

5. Reboot! With some sly commentary about the reboot

The most straightforward way to do this is to completely reboot. While we already grew to love DP in his past two films, it might be hard to bend the plot and the world-logic already set into place to accommodate him being in the MCU. A pretty simple answer would be just to reboot his character and place him within the universe and obey its internal logic (for the most part–obeying logic of any kind isn’t DP’s strongest suit).

We wonder how exactly they would reboot him. Could he be in the same NYC at the exact same time the first Avengers film? Or maybe a slightly different time? Maybe he could have been making commentary about how he was the hero in the shadows all while the Avengers were chasing Loki? Anything goes with DP!

4. Something more aligned with Spidey

Orrr he could stay true to plenty of his comic origins and stick more to Spidey! They’ve already got a long-standing history in the comics (a 50-issue shared comic, even) and so it wouldn’t be a surprise to us if they cross paths when it comes to the MCU!

3. His time-traveling antics mess up and bring him to another multi-verse

Time travel is a pretty recent plot device in the MCU. We saw it in Endgame and even in Deadpool 2 so who’s to say that they won’t tap into this possibility? Maybe something goes wrong while he time travels and he warps into a different universe altogether. He may have said years in the past… but not which past, you know! All thanks to our friend Cable!

Kidding aside, this seems like a big possibility as his awareness of the Avengers could go full circle to actually meeting them and fighting alongside them (or against them? Who knows!).

2. He just walks in… No explanation

Because he isn’t as restrained by different continuities like other characters, we imagine he could just walk in without any explanation at all–aside from some fourth wall breaking of his own. While we’re sure the fourth wall and meta antics have to be toned down a lot, we can’t imagine Deadpool without his snarky, self-aware commentary. We imagine he could just appear and we’d roll with it because he’s Deadpool. He’s the only one who could earn that scenario, really.

deadpool movie

1. He’s been there all along… as NoobMaster69

One theory we love is that Deadpool’s been in the universe all this time and has taunted our very own Thunder God, Thor. Yes, the true enemy of the series: NoobMaster69.

We wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one enraging Thor (and his free wifi!) all this time. It seems like something he’d do.

Do you have any theories? Let us know!

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