5 UPCAT 2018 Questions that Will Take You Down Memory Lane

Article by Isaiah Emmanuel Suguitan (@blueiceiah) / Graphics by Joselle Marie Fajardo

Just a week ago, the country’s premier state university, the University of the Philippines, conducted their ever-so-famous College Admissions Test. Due to the quality of education the school provides – not to mention the consistent stellar board performances and the low-tuition rates that they offer – it is not surprising that around 88,500 students took the test. UP has always been on top of the minds of hopefuls (like me) who wish to instill a change in the Philippine society.

I have been waiting around 7 years to take this test since UP has always been my dream school. However, it isn’t easy to get there! A lot of my batch mates agree, as well. All in all, though, it was really the questions in the UPCAT that made it so memorable for the hopeful Iskos and Iskas!

Here are 5 of the most memorable questions from the UPCAT 2018:

Looking for a rain dancer? Mang Inggo is the person to call! For those who took the UPCAT, you’ll remember him as one of the choices in the Mathematics sub-test.

Want to pass the UPCAT? To do so, ride a Superferry to Tagbilaran on a Sunday! This question will bring you back to the Reading Comprehension sub-test where there was a timetable about the schedules.

Poor age-less newsboy. No one knows who did such a thing. #JusticeForTheNewsboy There were several questions on the poem about the Newsboy on the Reading Comprehension, which left a mystery on those who took the test (or made it through this part).

Are there really carrots on Nilaga? This controversial Reading comprehension selection is among the most famous since this dish is very popular in the country. Because of the UPCAT, Nilaga became more popular and significant to the lives of hopeful future Iskos and Iskas!

Where can I get Patis in the States? Among the UPCAT questions, this was the one that really made the cut! This Reading comprehension question (connected with the Nilaga question) made me realize the vital role of Patis on the Filipino culture and same goes for everyone who took the UPCAT.

Do you have any other memorable UPCAT 2018 questions to share? We’d love to hear them!


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