5 Times Dua Lipa BLEW OUR MINDS During Her Concert

British singer and songwriter, Dua Lipa came back to Manila for the third time for her first solo show on September 14, 2018, giving her Filipino fans one of the best concert experiences a fan could ask for. 

Dua Lipa’s Filipino fans love her so much that her concert was actually sold out! Despite the bad weather that day, her fans still managed to fill the MOA arena with love and support for Dua. Clearly, nothing could stop Filipino fans from seeing Dua Lipa live on her self-titled tour. And clearly, nothing could stop Dua Lipa from blowing our minds.

5 Times Dua Lipa BLEW OUR MINDS During Her Concert

5. The Way She Opened Her Concert


When the lights finally turned off, the crowd started to scream their lungs out to show their enthusiasm for their idol. Unlike other artists’ typical opening number, Dua Lipa’s performance kicked off with a narration that really hyped the crowd. Afterwards, she sang Blow Your Mind (Mwah). Dua Lipa radiated so much energy that the whole crowed ended up becoming energetic, too.

4. How She Got Everyone to Dance

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If you were to ask me what’s one thing I can’t do, it would be dancing. However, after watching Dua Lipa’s show, I think I could safely say that I am now a dancer. Kidding aside, Dua Lipa made us dance all night. Dua’s concert was not the usual sing-along concert. Thanks to her energy on stage and the upbeat songs she picked for her setlist, it was impossible not to jump and dance. All throughout the show, everyone was following Dua’s steps on stage – proof that Dua is indeed a great performer!

3. By Singing Unexpected Songs


Dua Lipa did not only perform songs from her self-titled album; she also added collaborations, like One Kiss with Calvin Harris, and Scared To Be Lonely with Martin Garrix. These songs made the crowd sing louder since these are some of the most played songs on the radio. One of the highlights of the show is when she sang High from the Fifty Shades of Freed playlist. Dua accompanied the song with a steamy performance with red lights that made the crowd hold their breaths!

2. Her Interaction with Her Fans


Dua reciprocated her fans’ love by interacting with them from time to time, asking them how they’re doing, and repeatedly sharing how excited she was to perform in Manila. “Thank you so much to each and every single one of you. Let’s calm down here tonight. Let’s make tonight so special. Let’s listen to the song that has given me the opportunity to play in a room like this,” Dua said before performing the first song she ever released, New Love. This was the best part for me as this was the most intimate part of the show. A single spotlight lit the stage and as per Dua’s request, the fans held up their phone flashlights to light up the whole arena. This built a stronger connection between Dua and the Filipino fans, and it felt like magic.

1. When She Told Her Fans to NGAF

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For the show’s encore, Dua first performed the fifth track on her eponymous album, IDGAF (I Don’t Give A F-). She sang the song with so much emotion while delivering an implicit message about self-love (even though the song is actually explicit). Although the song may seem like it’s about being heartbroken, its message really depends on your interpretation. I personally think Dua is trying to tell us to leave every negative thing behind and just NGAF.

Dua ended the show by blasting out New Rules, a crowd favorite! The show only lasted for an hour and thirty minutes, but it was one of the best times of my life. I was screaming my heart out and dancing to the beat of every song, yet I still did not feel any soreness in my feet because I enjoyed every single moment of it. Overall, Dua Lipa’s concert was one of the best experiences. I would definitely watch her again if she ever comes back to the Philippines (hopefully soon!). 

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