5 Things We Love About Panagbenga Festival

Despite the extreme coldness of the weather in Baguio City during this time of the year, every February, the City of Pines is swarmed by people who want to see and enjoy the festival of flowers. Well, if you haven’t had the chance to be part of Panagbenga yet, here are five reasons why some people brave the winding roads just to see it.

panagbenga festival frank ruaya mae ilagan-11

The shawarma

Yes, you read it right. Even the locals say that one of the attractions of the festival is the seemingly endless choices of shawarma.

However, there is one special kind of shawarma that visitors should try and it’s the Etag shawarma. It is just like your ordinary shawarma but with the Mt. Province twist.

The weather

It is really the coldest point of the year during this season that even the people living there wear another layer over their usual clothing. The fresh cold breeze is a nice break from the heat of the metro. A breath of fresh air, literally.

Panagbenga 2012 Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya Feb 26-2

The people

The locals are very accommodating and are nice enough to tell you directions on how to get to Mines View Park and other attractions. As compared to the taxi drivers in the metro, the drivers there will give your change back down to the last cent. They love their home so much and they are proud and happy to share it with the visitors, that is why they are firm in reminding tourists not to litter. Well, it’s just common courtesy, right?

The parade

The happy smiles, the cheerful tunes, and the colorful costumes, what more do we need to say?

Panagbenga 2012 Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya-42

The flowers

Of course, the reason behind all the festivities – the lovely and blooming flowers. Every year. we stand at the streets in awe as we look at the amazing arrangement of flowers on the floats.

Panagbenga is indeed one of the astounding festivals our country of rich culture has to offer.

Share your Panagbenga experiences below.