5 Things to Expect at an Incubus Concert

There’s only less than a month left before the boys of Incubus visit the Philippines. There will be first-time watchers, and people who will be watching for the second or third time. Standing out in the crowd are the types of people who would be watching for the fourth time, AKA the loyal supporters and followers of the band.


Incubus If Not Now, When? 2011 tour

As someone who was able to attend all of the previous Incubus shows in Manila, let me share the observations I’ve gathered over the last 11 years. Some are observations, and some could be things you can definitely expect come March 13. 

5 Things to Expect at an Incubus Concert

5. An intriguing choice for the opening act

If there’s one thing I learned from this band, it’s that they’re never consistent. They’re always growing, evolving, changing. Not just with their music, but with their style, in general. So, when it comes to their shows, the opening act is always intriguing.

Unfortunately I don’t remember who was the opening act in their 2004 concert. However, for the next two shows it was Up Dharma Down for their 2008 Light Grenades tour, and Franco for their 2011 If Not Now, When? tour. This year they will be bringing violinist Lindsey Stirling under their wing.

This should be a very interesting front act and I look forward to watching her perform. 

4. A kickass intro to start off the night

I will never forget that time in 2008 when they played A Kiss to Send Us Off as the first song and whatever sorcery DJ Kilmore did in the intro blew my mind. It’s such a shame that no one got to record that. I already checked YouTube – nada. Yes, up to now I still want to kick myself whenever I remember making that mistake of not recording it. 

Mike Einziger’s guitar solo moment during If Not Now, When? 2011 tour


In 2011, some of us witnessed Mike Einziger cause a scene during Megalomaniac when his guitar made a bit of a mishap that pissed him off, resulting in him walking off the stage. In case you missed it, here you go. It starts at the 1:20 mark. 

3. Solos from Ben, Mike, Chris, and Jose 

Brandon Boyd during Light Grenades 2008 tour

An Incubus concert is not synonymous to a “Brandon Boyd concert” (yes, there are people who are like this, I would like to gift them the band’s discography if I could). Five guys make up the band. Throughout the night, there will be solos from the four members. 

At the top of my head here are the notable songs from the last shows where each member or two does a solo: DJ Kilmore for Pistola, Mike Einziger for Here in My Room, Jose Pasillas for Vitamin (drum solo w/ Brandon on the djembe), Ben Kenney for Sick, Sad, Little World

It could be different songs for this upcoming concert, but surely there will be solos. 

2. Songs from the S.C.I.E.N.C.E and Fungus Amongus era

DJ Kilmore during If Not Now, When? 2011 tour

Fans often brainstorm on which of the oldest Incubus songs the band will play in their concerts. As for the Philippine crowd, we’re always, always hoping to hear more of the older songs than the newer ones. Don’t get us wrong, though. Of course, we’d LOVE to hear the right amount of new songs, too. 

We were lucky to hear the songs A Certain Shade of Green (2004), Vitamin (2008), and Glass (2011) played live in the last three concerts. The rarest song, as far as I know, that doesn’t get played often but was luckily included was Pantomime, back in 2004. 

I hope a new addition of a rare Incubus song performed live is in store for the Philippine crowd next month! As for newer songs: I heard the live version of the new song, Absolution Calling, recently and it sounds better live than the studio recording. 

1. The Encore

Ben Kenney, Jose Pasillas and Brandon Boyd during Light Grenades 2008 tour

Even at the end, Incubus likes to save the best for last for fans. They are bound to slip in a song the people least expect to hear, but it will be one you love, as part of the last 2-3 tracks before they close the night. 

In 2011, Incubus played I Miss You and it mellowed down the then sold-out crowd of Araneta Coliseum. Pretty sure some of the people in the audience were crying, too. In 2008, one of the encore songs was Aqueous Transmission and it was the perfect song to end the show. 


Incubus Live in Manila 2015


Let me know if I missed other important things to expect and watch out for during their concerts in the comments below! 

Incubus is coming back to the Philippines on March 13, 2015! Make sure you get your tickets now at smtickets.com before they all sold out. Don’t let this moment pass you by! 😉


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