Spooky YouTube Channels to Follow That Will Keep You Up at Night

Words by Paul Adrian Galo

It’s not yet Halloween, but International Paranormal Day gives us enough of an excuse to celebrate the spooky season in advance! From ghosts to vampires to UFOs, everything inexplicable and otherworldly is welcome on this day. So switch your lights off and prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure watching these five spooky YouTube Channels!

5. Nuke’s Top 5

paranormal nukes top 5

This YouTube channel has been scaring its viewers since 2015. With over 3.1 million subscribers and 221 videos, Nuke’s Top 5 compiles captured sightings of ghosts and other unexplainable apparitions or entities from different sources–such as Paranormal Hunters, CCTV footage, or dashcam clips to name a few–which will definitely make you want to sleep with your lights on. The videos are packed with even more creepiness with his amazing narration.

4. Buzzfeed Unsolved Network – Supernatural

paranormal buzzfeed unsolved supermatural

If you’re up for something scary with a drop of craziness, Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural is the right YouTube channel for you. Under Buzzfeed Unsolved Network, join the hosts Ryan and Shane as they explore different supernatural folklores and places in the West, capturing things that go beyond logical explanation. What makes their YouTube series unique is their in-between discussions and simple jokes to go with their research-filled information about their topic. You definitely won’t be bored when binge-watching their videos!

3. Sapphire Sandalo

paranormal sapphire sandalo

Scary and creepy stories. Asian and Western folklore. Filipino urban legends. These are just some of Sapphire Sandalo’s content! Sapphire Sandalo is a Filipino-American YouTube content creator whose enchanting narrations, paired with bone-chilling stories and perfectly eerie animation and illustrations will give you goosebumps. Originally from YouTube channel Snarled, Sapphire independently continued her narration of folklores and stories with her own channel, and is now currently releasing podcasts to thrill you even more!

2. Lazy Masquerade

paranormal lazy masquerade

Paranormal doesn’t only pertain to the supernatural but also includes urban legends and conspiracy theories that are just so terrifying that you can’t help but wonder whether to believe them or not. Lazy Masquerade draws you into the unexplainable and boggling mysteries of the virtual world with creepy true stories with a twist.

1. Mr. Nightmare

paranormal mr nightmare

What’s scarier than ghosts? Reality. Mr. Nightmare narrates real-life paranormal experiences from his subscribers that will truly disturb and haunt you. His creepy narration even adds that layer of eerieness that will send chills down your spine.

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Think you can get through each of these channel’s videos without getting scared? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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