5 Signs Your Dog Loves You!

Pet Tag World

5. He stares directly into your eyes.

Oxytocin is released during direct stares and direct interactions with your dog. Aside from sniffing, eye contact is important to them.

4. He follows you around.

As much as it can get in the way of what we do, your pup means no harm! Your company is very important to them so they go wherever you go.

3. Your dog likes to sleep beside you.

Dogs are pack-driven creatures, which means they want to follow whatever their pack members are doing. When you’re taking a nap or it’s time for bed at night and you see your furry friend snuggling up to you, it’s because they want to do what you do.

2. Your dog cuddles with you after eating.

While dogs are normally motivated by eating, when that is satisfied, they think of what to do next that is important to them. Aside from food, you are the light of their life.

1. He is overjoyed when you come home.

When you’re greeted by a tackle, followed by a battle of dog licks, then he is overjoyed you are with him. That’s the best way to know that he loves you.


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