5 Reasons Why YOU Should Try the “FLAVORS of ASIA” buffet at Marriot Hotel Manila!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 9

Marriot Hotel Manila’s FLAVORS of ASIA 




I must admit, it’s sooooo darn difficult to pick that perfect buffet where you can treat the whole gang when in Manila. As for the country’s BEST FOODIE (ahem.. ahem..), it may be hard to believe that I’m NOT a big fan of buffets myself .. the reason?? I don’t really know… maybe because I find “ala carte” dishes more attractive to photograph or maybe it’s because I don’t like the idea of  stuffing myself to the brim….  hmmmm


 Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 47

my guests Jr, Mike, Mae and Noel




But in those rare occasions when I do feel like treating myself and friends to a buffet feast, there is only 1 name that I keep in mind, and that would be the buffets at the M Cafe of Marriot Hotel Manila.



Imagine all your favorite Asian cuisines  featuring specialties from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and  Vietnam all made by 4  of the finest  chefs from each nation!! “SAN KA PA?”



I’ve read quite a lot of blog reviews about Marriot’s FLAVORS of ASIA, each of them giving the usual descriptions and details about the buffet etc… hmmmmm So for this special feature for wheninmanila.com,  aside from showing you drool-worthy shots, I’ll also focus on the reasons on why YOU, yes YOU should never miss this one of a kind feast!





– Yeah! You don’t need to do that anymore ‘coz the people at Marriot has brought them ALL here for you to enjoy! 2,500php / head VS at least 20,000php worth of travel expense to each country… you do the math!!!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 19

 all these ASIAN FLAVORS right at your fingertips



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 20

 Vietnamese noodles



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 18

 various Satays ready for grilling




2.  ALL DISHES are AUTHENTICALLY MADE to you by their featured MASTER CHEFS from each COUNTRY!

Marriot Hotel Manila sent in the FINEST CHEFS from 4 countries right here in Manila just for you to have  authentically tasting dishes and flavors!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 25

 I got to meet their Malaysian Master Chef Ruhizad Muri !



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 26

 After a little chit chat, he gladly offered me to taste his specialty…



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 28

tadah!! I must admit I was “starstrucked” that I forgot the name of the dish! hihihih






– This is something which I really really love about Marriot! They are at my personal list of trusted places to dine because the quality of their ingredients  are really over the top. You may dine with confidence here, especially with their seafood! You get all your money’s worth!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 2




Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 1

only the freshest catch!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 34

eat sashimi with confidence!!




Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 32

all prepared by meticulous hands  







– If you’re as curious as I am about the kind of culture which our Asian neighbors have, the best way is to experience what they actually eat! Food trips shouldn’t be only about stuffing oneself but also about having an “appreciation” and “deeper understanding”  about a certain place and culture.  When I tried it myself, I realized how closely “connected” we were because of the certain similarities of our very own dishes to theirs.  I wasn’t really after how tasty the dishes were or if I liked it or not…. I was more on “appreciation mode” that time so I must say, the experience became more memorable.


 Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 14

Dadar Gulung (Indonesian pancake with stuffing)

reminds me of lumpia filled with toasted coconut and nuts




Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 36

Vun Bai Tury (Pandan Leaf Jelly)

oooooh i find this to be very Filipino… pandan jelly!




Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 30

 A Gỏi Cuốn (Vietnamese Spring Roll) with shrimp 

reminds me of my favorite fresh lumpia… this one however uses rice paper. I loved it a lot!




Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 29

 Beef Rendang

tomato and spicy tender beef stew. … more like our Caldereta



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 46

 rice cakes galore….

sticky rice desserts is just sooo Asian!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 13

A taste of Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian chef  Ruhizad Muri 

 vegetables and seafood in coconut milk flavored with Rendang and Percik Sauce 






– I’ve never seen any other buffet right now which focuses on these flavors. All the rest has the same old boring offerings unlike here where not only do you get to leave with a full tummy but also with a much deeper appreciation of your culture. Also, It only happens THIS MONTH (July 1 to 31, 2012)! Yeah! This special treat is only valid until this month that’s why you should start making those invites and reservations ASAP!



Marriot Hotel Manila All Asian 11 

 4 cultures all in 1 plate!








offered from July 1 – 31, 2012

available  from 6-10:30 pm

 P2,300 net per head  Sun-Thurs

 P2,500 net per head Fri-Sat

For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999









special thanks to my iphone photographer friend Noel Villa for the mouthwatering shots!





5 Reasons Why YOU Should Try the “FLAVORS of ASIA” buffet at Marriot Hotel Manila!

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