5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Cat

Nothing but love for our feline friends!

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5. Cats can help you live longer. Interestingly, people who have cats were found to suffer less likely from a heart attack or a stroke, as well as cardiovascular disease.

4.Cats’ purrs may have healing powers. Research has shown that cats’ purrs can actually be medically therapeutic, helping with ailments such as pain relief, shortness of breath, muscle and bone repair, and more.

3. Cats are low-maintenance. They lick themselves, have low shedding, and don’t stink easily. Also, you can leave them at home for work and they can manage themselves.

2. They’re perfect for when you’re an introverted homebody. Dogs are great for providing energy and innocence, but if you’re the kind who just likes to stay indoors, a cat will perfectly suit your reserved and relaxed demeanour, cuddling up while you binge watch your favorite series.

1. They’re great at providing support.

Cats are great at providing companionship. A cat can help with heavy situations such as grief, illness and rejection by being able to provide the emotional release their owners need.

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