5 Reasons Why Villa Milagros is the Perfect Place for your Wedding

Imagine your most awaited milestone, your own wedding, celebrated in a one-hectare private estate just outside the Metro. Lush and spacious gardens abound– and amidst all that greenery– stands a most elegant, stunning, all-white Mansion.

Set at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, The Mansion at Villa Milagros was built in 1969 as a gift to Ma. Milagros by her husband Isidoro Liamzon on their 35th wedding anniversary. This architectural gem has recently been restored in hopes that its timeless beauty can be enjoyed not only by the family itself, but also by you and your loved ones.

A. Villa Milagros Mansion _ Gardens

Here are 5 Reasons why Villa Milagros is the perfect place for your wedding:

5.) Best of Both Worlds

Can’t decide if you want an outdoor or indoor venue? Have the best of both worlds at Villa Milagros. Choose from three beautifully landscaped gardens, Delia’s Garden, Cristina’s Garden and Sanse’s Garden for your ceremony, cocktails, reception– or for all of the above!  All gardens have spectacular views of the Mansion.  

B. Bride at Delia's Garden

Bride at Delia’s Garden (Photo by Jayson & Joanne Arquiza, Gown by Zandra-Lim Imasa, Setup by Banquets by VS&F, Styling by Dave Sandoval)

C. Cristina's Garden

Cristina’s Garden & Terrace (Photo by Ivy Tuason)

D. Wedding Ceremony at Delia's Garden

Wedding Ceremony setup at Delia’s Garden (Ceremony Styling  by Amante Fleurs)

If al fresco is not your thing, consider the estate’s North Wing and Liamzon Hall. Built in the same style and spirit of The Mansion, The North Wing is Villa Milagros’ premiere air-conditioned banquets hall for parties as large as 300. Its six-meter high ceiling, glass walls and opulent chandeliers will certainly impress your guests. The Liamzon Hall, the only venue within the Mansion,  is also good for intimate and grand celebrations of 45 and below.

E. The North Wing

The North Wing (Photo by Jayson & Joanne Arquiza)

F. Setup at North Wing

Setup at The North Wing (Photo by Ivy Tuason, Setup by Banquets by VS&F)

G. Wedding Reception Setup at te North Wing (1)

Wedding Reception Setup at The North Wing (Photo by Veronica Liamzon, Setup by Banquets by VS&F)

H. Wedding Reception Setup at the North Wing (2)

Wedding Reception Setup at The North Wing (Ceremony Setup by BPA, Stage Setup by Amaranthus)

4.) Picture-Perfect, from every angle

Every single nook and cranny of Villa Milagros was made with love. Let your guests feast their eyes on all the exquisite details of the venue– from the elaborate steel grills of the Mansion’s windows to the facade’s pre-cast moldings. Nothing is ever in excess. Only a handful of places can give you the classic, timeless, and elegant ambiance that Villa Milagros can give.

J. Couple at the Mansion's Balcony

Couple at the Mansion’s Balcony (Couple: Kevin Khonghun and Weng Pioquinto, Photo and Video: 57 Studios Manila)

K. Couple at Cristina's Terrace

Couple at Cristina’s Terrace (Couple: Jamella Santos & JB Santos, Photo and Video: Mad Glass Studio)

L. Couple at the Trellis

Couple at The Trellis (Couple: Ivy Chris Tan & Nixon Sy, Photo by Lito Sy, Styling by Jeff Galang)

M. Couple at Cristina's Garden

Couple at Cristina’s Garden (Couple: Nissi Ravanzo & Dexter Choi, Photo by Lito Sy, Styling by Tipping Point Collective)

3.) Our Milagros Suite and Four Vintage Bedrooms for your VIP

Originally the Mansion’s Masters Bedroom, the Milagros Suite now serves as the Villa’s Bridal Suite. Let the bride get pretty, take a nap and recharge just before her big event. Spacious, modern and full of artistry, The Milagros Suite also comes complete with a prep room that any make-up artist would love.  

Let the most important people be at the bride’s beck and call. Four vintage bedrooms on the 2nd floor, Sonia’s Room, Cora’s Room, Zenaida’s Room and Norma’s Room, can be rented by the groom, family members, or the entourage for their on-the-day preparations and photo shoot.

N. Milagros Suite Receiving Area

Receiving Area at Milagros Suite    

P. Cora's RoomCora’s Room

2.) Privacy

Have the Villa all to yourself on your special day. Villa Milagros hosts only one event per day– ensuring the privacy of your family and friends.  

R. Wedding Ceremony at Delia's Garden (1)

S. Wedding Ceremony at Delia's Garden (2)

Wedding Ceremony at Delia’s Garden, Ceremony Styling by Amante Fleurs

1.) Professional service

Since every event is different, the venue’s  staff work with each of their clients to make optimum use of the property. The Villa’s account executives, maintenance, and security staff work hand-in-hand to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

The Villa is located in Rodriguez, Rizal– only 30 minutes away from Sandiganbayan, 35 minutes away from Marikina Sports Complex, and 45 minutes away from QC Circle via Commonwealth Ave.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/villamilagrosevents and their website at www.villamilagros.com. You may also contact them at info@villamilagros.com or call/text at +63917-6790109. Visits are by appointment only.