5 Reasons Why the Playback Music Festival Needs to Come Back Next Year!

I’ve always been a 90s baby at heart and at soul. I take all things 90s seriously. From the Tamagotchi that I used to play with, the teks I gambled my life upon and those Chinese garters I used to play; I believe that the 90s generation is the greatest generation out there (feel free to debate me on this).

I also feel nostalgic every time I listen to timeless songs made by my childhood superhero Stephen Speaks (I almost cried when he sang ‘Out of my League’)! Honestly speaking, the best songs from the music industry came from our generation, too.

When the Playback Music Festival team brought a lot of my childhood music heroes onto one stage; many 90s, 00s and perhaps even 80s kids freaked out and rejoiced as the major throwback party happened at the Circuit Grounds of Makati.

Blue, Vertical Horizon, Stephen Speaks, Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer and local bands Rivermaya, Moonstar88 and MYMP made our hearts flutter by singing their songs and they definitely brought the house down!

I am sure a lot of people who went to this concert would want another Playback Music Festival next year.

Being a huge fan myself, I made a list to convince the people from the Playback team to bring the event back next year.

5 Reasons Why the Playback Music Festival Needs to Come Back Next Year!

5. We deserve to disconnect from the real world and play our favorite childhood games again.

Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Contra, Galaga – name it and their arcade’s family computer has it! I literally went nuts when I learned that the arcade games could be played for free, so I immediately sat down and forgot the world. Talk about nostalgia!

4. They had great food stalls.

I was amazed by the great variety of foods offered at the festival! No wonder everyone was happy and energized during the whole festivities!

3. We want something that reminds us of our roots.

Remember that time when social media wasn’t a huge thing and we were satisfied with making our Friendster profile look dope? Playback Music Festival brought us back to that time when there were no worries, no trolls to deal with, and no fake news to contemplate on. Just a day and night full of fun, great music and of course, some booze!

2. We want Stephen Speaks and Leigh Nash back!

They are the ultimate OGs of their time. Leigh Nash has such a bubbly personality that she captivated everyone’s heart with her charm! She deserves a comeback next year… perhaps with her old band? Maybe a reunion concert in the Philippines?

And Stephen Speaks… I guess he is a Filipino trapped inside an American’s body. I’m sure he would be more than happy to perform his hit songs here once again!

P.S. Please don’t forget to tag along your younger brother when you come back, Stephen!

1. Blue deserves to redeem their performance.

After some technical difficulties during Blue’s finale performance, I am hoping that they can come back and redeem themselves (okay, this is just a segway reason to have them back). But honestly, they are awesome and we wouldn’t mind them performing for their Filipino fans again one day!

To the Playback Music Festival Team, we would like to thank you guys for giving us a chance to relive all of our childhood memories for one day. We would gladly support you guys again if you decide to make a comeback next year!

If Playback Music Festival happens again next year, which bands would you want to see live? Who knows? They might just grant our wishes! Fingers crossed!


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