5 Reasons Why ‘Midway’ Starring Luke Evans and Nick Jonas is Not Your Ordinary Historical Film

Words by Alyssa Gabrielle Chen

As a student, the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese in 1941 seems to be one of the most unforgettable lessons in history class. My teacher had always stressed how this surprise attack had the Americans involved in the second world-war, but the subsequent battle after was the one that turned the tides to the favor of the allied powers.

The movie Midway brought me back to the 1940s, making me feel like I was in a VR taking a crash course in history. I loved it, and here are five reasons why I did.

5. It is a straightforward retelling of history, yet nothing like a documentary.

Battle of Midway 6

Midway is a recount of the events that transpired after the Japanese bombed American warships in Pearl Harbor; narrating the Raid of Tokyo and the Battle of Coral Sea before the epic Battle of Midway. Although it remained faithful to history, there was never a dull moment in the cinema. It is an action-packed film with the battle scenes being executed with intense emotions that captivated the audience.

4. You can be sure that characters you stan are real historical figures.

Battle of Midway 4

Although Midway is a star-studded film with popular actors such as Ed Skrein and Nick Jonas taking centerstage, it didn’t feel anything like it. The actors definitely gave justice to the historical icons they portrayed. You’ll even have a quick glimpse of what lives these soldiers led after the war as the focus shifts to the real-life martyrs with a short narration at the end of the movie.

3. Unbiased, the Americans weren’t painted any better than the Japanese.

Battle of Midway 7

Let’s face it. There is no right and wrong, good and bad, or black and white during wars. Everything is in a gray area. It may seem as if the Japanese started it all when they bombed America’s Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack. However, Midway showed how the Raid on Tokyo in 1942, which killed lots of civilians, was not any better. Both sides were only doing what they thought was righteous.

Midway focused a lot on the camaraderie between the Americans and the patriotism within the Japanese — showing how although dauntless in the battlefield, soldiers still had strong emotions and deep feelings.

2. The excellent cinematography made it feel like I was watching a 3D film.

Battle of Midway 3

I was sure I wasn’t in an IMAX theater; but the excellent cinematography and Dolby Atmos audio sure made me feel like I was part of the war. The bombing scenes with exploding warships and crashing aircrafts were executed with meticulous detail and impressive effects which rendered the film a very realistic feel.

1. There are no annoying cheesy love stories nor fictional characters.

Battle of Midway 8

The last thing I would expect for a Hollywood film is to get away with the cheesy love plots that are absurd during the time of war, but Midway has done it and I must say I’m impressed. Aside from Lieutenant Dick Best’s (Ed Skrein) wife who had little cameo, the movie highlighted the drama within the ranks, especially the soldiers’ helplessness whenever a brother has fallen.

Midway is set to open in cinemas on November 6, 2019. Watch then trailer here:

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