5 Reasons Why Janah Zaplan is a Millennial Pop Princess

Energy. Talent. Confidence. Beauty. Passion. I could go on and on, but one thing’s for sure: I was starstruck and amazed by Janah Zaplan, Eat Bulaga’s Quarterfinalist in Music Hero, as I watched her perform during her first ever concert last June 30 at the Music Musuem.

I was curious as to why she was dubbed as the Millennial Pop Princess; but after witnessing an awesome performance, I can say that Janah Zaplan really deserves the title.

5 Reasons Why Janah Zaplan is a Millennial Pop Princess

5. Her fans across different generations adore her.

Janah has made an impact on her fans because she is bursting with confidence despite her young age. Captivating her audience through her beauty, talent, and sincerity in performing, her fans are left wanting for more.

Janah’s excited fans. Heard one lady from the crowd say, “Handa na ba kayong mawalan ng boses?”

During her concert, I couldn’t help but notice that the crowd was a mix of people coming from different generations. Age difference aside, everyone seemed to enjoy all of her performances. The entire Music Museum was beyond ecstatic to see the Millennial Pop Princess in the flesh. She got the young crowds hyped up with her performances and left the audience in awe, so there’s no doubt that many youngsters would like to emulate her.

4. She is comfortable singing timeless hits.

Janah rocked it when she sang her version of Eraserheads’ “With A Smile”. She hit our soft spots and got the audience, both young and old, to sing along.

Since Janah admires Beyoncé (who rose to fame in the late 90s), she patterns her dance moves after the former Destiny’s Child member. Having attended the G Force Dance workshop under Teacher Georcelle spells perfection in dancing.

The Millennial Pop Princess and Power Impact Dancers.

I’m glad that the concert struck a balance between the latest hits and the earlier ones, thus having the older audiences (including myself) appreciate the music that we once and have always loved while at the same time, giving recognition to fresh, new tunes, which the younger generations currently sing and dance to – perhaps something that the Millennial Pop Princess approves of, too.

3. She balances studies with her passion.

In this new millennia where everything is fast-paced, Janah remains focused on doing what she really wants: pursuing her passion and attending to her schoolwork. The Millennial Pop Princess values her education and makes sure that her rehearsals or gigs don’t get in the way of her studies. She’s in the 11th Grade, and aside from studying general academic subjects, she is also part of the volleyball varsity at OB Montessori Center.

The truth remains that the younger generation has lofty goals, and here’s a Princess who is determined to achieve them

2. She has a heart for Indigenous People in the Philippines.

Janah is blessed in so many ways, so she gives as much as she receives. In our personal correspondence, she mentions that she conducts charity work for the Mangyan people, an indigenous tribe in the Philippines. We are reminded by the Millennial Pop Princess that we can also perform acts of charity amidst our busy schedules.

1. Her first ever concert entitled, “Kaya Ko ‘To”, was a success!

All of the hard work paid off when the concert ended successfully. Her family and friends are prouder than ever because Janah Zaplan was able to conquer the stage with confidence, and with her exceptional performance level at a very young age (which a Millennial Pop Princess can do), her fans love her more than ever.

The concert was a success! That’s Janah’s dad on the left handing her a floral bouquet.

Credits go to stage director Jaysar Lorayna and Direk Alvin Ong. Congratulations also to Alta Talent Management and Zaplan Realty and Development Corporation in cooperation with Eurotel for a successful concert!

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Looking forward to more concerts of the Millennial Pop Princess? Let us know!


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