Here’s A Quick Guide To Those New Millennial Terms You’re Hearing From The Young’uns

If you find yourself surrounded with younger people, then you’ve probably heard them say a few words that you just can’t seem to understand. If you’re one of the cool kids in the 80’s to 90’s then you’ll find that the language of today’s young people isn’t that different from what you spoke in the glory days.

Yes, the slang of the previous decades is making a comeback–with just a few updates.

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Facebook page “The Manila Millennial” has made it easy for some of the wiser folks out there to finally keep up with the language of today’s millennials. Check out the following photos courtesy of The Manila Millennial:

“Petmalu” means “malupit” or amazing/super cool.

The good old “bro” is now “orb” because why not.

They say that a genius “lodi” is a “summa cum lodi.” (*forced laughter*)

This is the kind of support I really need tbh.

Nope, it’s not the name of an Asian restaurant. It’s just regular old “thank you” but much cooler.

You can check out the full album here and brush up on this decade’s slang.

What do you think of our new millennial terms? Share it with us!

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