5 Reasons We Love the Salcedo Saturday Market

Weekend markets have become a wonderful alternative to supermarkets and malls where all kinds of people conglomerate together to buy and sell everything from handmade products to fresh produce. And they’ve been popping everywhere in the city, fortunately.


Every Saturday morning, vendors of all types gather at the Salcedo Park to showcase their goods. Since 2004, the weekend market has been a must-visit by even non-Makati city folk, some that come from as far as Alabang. Despite similar markets mushrooming in the metro, Salcedo Saturday Market will have a special place in our hearts, and here’s why:

5. Food from all around the world

One thing people mostly love about Salcedo Market is their food. And not just any type of food, a showcase of diverse cuisines from all around the world. Choose from Thai, Mexican, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, you name it, it’s probably there.


4. Chance to buy artisanal goods

Homemade is everything in Salcedo Market and we’re glad it’s like that. Here, you can get everything from your freshly brewed ginger ale to your bottled delicacies. All you have to do is walk through and choose.



3. Venue for all your vegetarian/ vegan needs

Salcedo Market is very vegetarian and vegan-friendly. It’s a place you’ll easily find affordable home-cooked vegan lasagna or freshly made almond milk. The overwhelming amount of produce is also a plus, while fresh potted herbs are also abundant in the market.



2. Cheap and varied produce and seafood

All around the market, you’ll find the freshest produce from farms all around the country. Vegetables here are half the price than what you would normally pay for at supermarkets. Seafood is abundant and fresh and will have everything from catfish to crab meat.



1. Kid and pet-friendly shopping space

Situated right beside a green open space and a playground, the Salcedo Market is made for families. The outdoor-style shopping and dining area also encourages visitors from far and wide to bring their pets with them.



Salcedo is a dynamic village in the middle of Makati’s Central Business District where it merges residential living with commercial and office spaces. And right at the center of this bustling neighborhood, will soon rise, The Ellis, a unique living concept for the passionate go-getters. Apart from a strategic location that offers convenience, the condominium also features one-of-a-kind amenities including the CoLAB working spaces where you can simply plug in your device and work away, the Pause and Play Room where you can get your R&R away from the daily grind, the Town Hall where you can have intimate gatherings and socials, and the Fitness Center where you can place a priority on your well-being and health. Another unique feature of The Ellis is its Link units that allow you to intertwine office and living spaces alongside each other.

What are your other favorite weekend markets around the metro? Let us know!


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