5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Xian Lim’s Tabon This Cinemalaya

In his directorial debut, Alexander Xian Lim’s ‘Tabon’ focuses on the story of Ian (Christopher Roxas) and the truth behind his father’s (Menggie Cobbarubias) death in their province.

The story begins with Ian receiving a call from his father’s close friend and Chief Inspector (Richard Manabat), who tells im that his father was murdered and that there are no witnesses. He is forced to travel back to their town with his pregnant and loving wife Erika (Ynna Assistio) and his stepdaughter Joy (Bapbap Reyes).

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Xian Lim’s Tabon This Cinemalaya

5. The ending is unexpected.

Unlike other contemporary movies, the twist at the end will really blow your mind!

4. It is a visually and audibly creative.

A suspenseful thriller needs to work with dark scenes, as well as sudden noises. Both of these aspects are dealt with really well in the film.

From blood dripping on a black background while the cast is introduced to the blood on the characters’ bodies, everything really tingles the spine. Moreover, the scenes shot at night really add to the drama and intensify the suspense of the story.

The loud and disturbing sounds heard during the first half of the movie really stand out, as well. In fact, the sound effects overall are perfectly timed to their specific scenes, especially whenever it’s quiet and dark, making the movie all the more thrilling.

3. You’ll learn more about cults.

One surprising part of the story is that Ian’s father is the head of a cult in their town. Filipino films don’t usually hint at cults in faraway provinces. 

‘Tabon’ uniquely tells the story from different points of view of the cult’s members and how they are even willing to threaten lives to get answers and solutions to their personal problems.

2. Filipino identity really shines through in the movie.

Traditional wood ancestral houses, huge caves, green forests, camiso chinos and other thin types of clothing are all part of our country and its people. As a true Cinemalaya film, ‘Tabon’ highlights Filipino culture and narratives that will really make you feel at home.

1. The characters are extraordinary.

The antagonists give the movie dark and sinister beauty with their unique personalities and their attitudes that affect other people’s lives.

The magnificence of a movie lies in the eyes of the audience. If you want to watch a different and peculiar contemporary film, don’t miss out on this one.


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