5 Questions About Burger King’s Black Burger, Answered By a Japanese Person

5 Questions About Burger King’s Black Burger, Answered By a Japanese Person



Burger King’s all-black burger. Are you brave enough to try it?


A few weeks ago, the Internet went crazy over Burger King’s new black burger. Like all things strange, it comes from Japan.

The Burger King Kuro burger is completely black, with black buns, black cheese, and black sauce. It may look weird, but it sure does sound yummy: the patty is a black pepper burger, while the cheese is made with bamboo charcoal and the sauce made with onion and garlic sauce in squid ink.

The Black Kuro Pearl is the regular burger and  the Black Kuro Diamond has slices of lettuce, onion, and tomato. We’re happy to report that the lettuce, onion, and tomatoes are of their original colors.


5 Questions About Burger King's Black Burger, Answered By a Japanese 4

Our friend Katsuji Kikuchi tried the Burger King all-black burger, and he loved it


We’re curious about the taste, so we asked Katsuji Kikuchi, a Japanese friend, about it! Here’s what he had this to say about Burger King’s black burger:


WhenInManila.com: Why did you decide to get the black burger?

We just tried it for the reason that they have this only for one month. Plus it’s an interesting experience to eat a black burger.
How did it taste?
It tastes really good. The buns, cheese, and patty were covered in bamboo charcoal and squid ink. The sauce is really good. It’s a bit sweet, with a pinch of black pepper. It was worth a try.
What did you think while eating it?
I thought the taste would be bitter like coffee in Japan, or maybe it will taste like overcooked burger.


Is the burger actually popular in Japan?

It is popular. I have seen several TV  shows presenting this burger, and most Japanese people are foodies so they want to experience something different from time to time.


Would you try it again?

I would say yes, but not anytime soon. It was a bit pricey for the size of the burger. It cost me 900 yen (roughly P369) for the burger. It was good but not worth that much.
Would you want Burger King Philippines to bring this burger here? And would you try it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
5 Questions About Burger King’s Black Burger, Answered By a Japanese Person
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