5 Products We Fell in Love with at Flow in the City’s Weekend Bazaar

Flow in the City’s 3-day wellness market at The Grove by Rockwell gave us the best deals for a wide range of charming and nifty gift ideas perfect for any occasion. The items featured organic, handmade, and natural products, such as therapeutic essential oils, perfumes, woven rattan bags, beach matts, potted succulents, makeup and skincare products, and many other exquisite treats!

Aside from the chic bazaar, the weekend market also had some fun workshops lined up for everyone. From Friday to Sunday, guests were able to experience unique activities such as Essential Oils Meditation, Prenatal Yoga, DIY Playdough, and our personal favorite: Beer Yoga. Check out the WIM Team’s take on beer yoga, which by the way, is the first of its kind to take place in the Philippines!

Flow in the City’s bazaar promoted organic and natural materials that are mostly handcrafted by professional entrepreneurs. Here are some of our personal favorites.

5 Products We Fell in Love with at Flow in the City’s Weekend Bazaar

5. Fragrance Sprays

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These luscious scents sell for Php300 a bottle, or Php500 for 2! We recommend the Palermo and the Windsor scents for a flowery musk.

4. Potted Succulents

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These little treats are best for any condition you may have at home. There are plants that work for any part of your house – with or without sunlight! And those cute notes make for perfect gifts for anyone. The best part about all of this is that they are only priced from Php80-Php300!

3. Woodcrafts by Pyrography

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A lovely couple works together to form these beautiful artworks on wood by burning sketches onto the pieces’ surface, also known as Pyrography. The most appealing ones are the hairbrushes and bangles that cost Php600 a piece.

2. 18 Karat Gold Jewelry

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You could purchase 18k gold pieces for only Php900-Php1200! You can even opt for customizable brass metal pieces for Php500 each and match it with a pair of earrings that each cost Php300!

 1. Handwoven Rattan Bags, Beach Mats, Envelopes, and Handbags

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These fashion picks literally scream, “Let’s hit the beach!” You can’t go wrong with these native-themed crafts.

Watch out for the next Flow in the City bazaar and grab these items!

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