5 Popular Movies Reimagined as Comics

The Facebook page of Filbar’s Online recently posted these cool photos of popular movies reimagined as comics. As per the caption of the album, the photos were edited by Ivan Guerrero – and we absolutely love them!

After all, having grown up in the 90s – with Disney/Pixar movies and comic books in the mix – these are movies that I personally hold very close to my heart. Check them out!

The Matrix


I still remember how obsessed I was with the notion that we could be living in the Matrix. This is a cool re-imagining of it in the world of Neil Gaiman – Morpheus with Sandman’s hair and all.movies-as-comics-4

Love this!

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Because what if Frank Miller (most famous for Sin City) created a Jurassic Park comic book?


Haha. Bill and Ted in the world of Alan Moore.movies-as-comics-1

This looks cool! I would totally read this!

Seen any other cool artworks on the Internet? Share them with us! 🙂