5 Love Letters that Will Make You Want to Write Again

In this day and age, technology is vastly taking over people’s lives and, honestly, taking a quick break to grab a pen and paper, let alone write love letters, indeed feels like a getaway.


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One of my favorite books was initially published in 1953, entitled Love Letters of the Fifties, and then Edited by Isagani R. Cruz in 1990. It’s a compilation of love letter submissions that will not only capture your heart, but will also make you wish you lived in the era; the letters are “authentic, expressing real feelings of real people towards objects of love,” as stated in the introduction. With poetic words weaved so sincerely, so perfectly together, how can you not fall in love?

Here are my top 5 picks of love letters that will make you want to write again:

5. From a Broken Heart

My inmost being,

         Let me speak now for I can no longer contain the feeling that is surging within my heart. And I must speak or die the death of an endless sorrow because of a broken heart.

          Dearest, do not chide me if I find now in desperation the courage to speak and tell you what I feel. I cannot stifle my heart for its every throb is cry calling for you, for you to listen and understand and feel the same way that I do. I love you, I love you, and each breath that I take can only say these words. Ah, fatal words! Let them be faithful to me. I love. No, not my heart, my soul, but I, the whole of what I am. O dearest, answer me if but a spark of love is kindled in your heart. Let the gentleness of your heart in its graciousness lend me hope that will sustain my breath.

             Forgive me if I can no longer restrain my feelings. It is you who brought this to me. I am weak and helpless before you. I give you my heart to kill or keep.

                                                                                  Eternally yours,

4. I Love You for What You Are

My one and only,

                You are the torment of my soul, but I still love you for what you are. You have given me sleepless nights, you have beset me with unworded thoughts that only find reality whenever I am near you, and I can bask gloriously in the warmth of your smiles.

          What you are, darling, is what I feel for you. Sometimes your scarlet lips curl cruelly at me, but that only makes me love you more. You shrug your shoulders at the sincere protestations of my soul, but that only makes you my dearest and most precious treasure.

                 Yesterday, when you hid yourself from me, because your friends were around, I felt the deepest pangs of sadness, the most cruel of sorrows. I thought then that you were ashamed of me. And then I discovered that you were hiding the love light in your eyes, lest your friends see it and discover the treasure chest of your love. I could kiss you then, but the enthralling pout on your lips was a censure to the openness of my heart’s ambition.

               You are my all, darling, and I will always remain your faithful adorer. Let all other worldly affections fall and scatter on the way, let the roses of beauty wither and die, but know, Maureen, that you have with you a manly heart that will always leap anew at the sight of beautiful you.

               I love you for what you are. You are a goddess at springtime, a fairy in the sylvan freshness of life, a young Minerva that has captured this willing heart, ready to forever follow your every wish and whim.

               Thus, I say again: I love you for what you are, Maureen.

                                                                          Maddeningly yours,


3. Must it be Goodbye, Love?

My dearest love,

               I keep reading and reading your last letter, and it is like turning and turning a sharp dagger right at the center of my heart. Darling, why did you say we must never see each other again, must never write anymore? Why, dream girl of mine, why?

               Is it because you don’t want to care for me anymore, because another one has usurped my place in the golden throne of your heart? To me, sweetheart, you are still my one and only princess, the only one who rules and reigns in the royal court of my love. Please don’t be cruel to me by saying goodbye.

               Please don’t say I must never see you again or write you anymore. Tell me to give up my life, and I will gladly do so for you. But never, never say we must never see each other again.

                                                                                    Forever yours,

2. I Want Your Love Forever

My darling Chita,

               Let me relive those sweet moments I spent with you, my darling, because to me they are the golden threads that bind our hearts forever and a day. Yes, my only love, I will not forget those, I will remember those always, because they are the memories of my immortal hours when your heart and mine spoke and whispered of our love divine.

               Chita, I hope and pray you will never change, that you will always be loving me, that our affection will be as lasting as the sun, as eternal as the sky. For me, Chita, you are my living inspiration, and to lose you would be to lose the joy of my heart and the radiance of my life.

                Darling, let me love you not only for today nor tomorrow, but for all times. Let me whisper the secrets of my soul into the innermost recesses of your endearing heart. You are my one and only vestal virgin, the sacred goddess enshrined in the sacristy of my immortal love.

                                                                                          For always,

1. I Am Very Free

Nenita darling,

                You ask if I am free? And my answer is: Is the butterfly free? Is the moth that flies in the night in search of light free?

                If freedom means unattachment, then I am free. If freedom means liberty to love you, then I am free. But if freedom means complete abandonment of love, then I am not free because I have been enchanted by you, I have chained my whole being to you; because I have abandoned all loves for you.

                                                                    Your servant and slave,


If these pieces don’t make you want to grab than pen and write letters to your partner or loved ones the old-fashioned way, you must be cold-hearted. :p

Do you still write letters? Share them with us!

For always,