5 Highlights from Viva Italia: North Italy vs. South Italy Cook-Off at Sunset Bar, Sofitel

The only 5-star luxury resort hotel in Manila, Sofitel Philippine Plaza, celebrates a new chapter in culinary excellence with new Executive Chef, Denis Vecchiato. Stepping to the forefront in a featured special on culinary heritage is Chef Denis Vecchiato and visiting Italian Chef from Singapore’s Noti, Chef Toni Rossetti, slip on their chef’s hats to engage in a cook off of Masters.

Viva ItaliaOn the left, Chef Toni Rossetti representing South Italy. On the right, Chef Denis Vecchiato representing North Italy.


5 Highlights from Viva Italia: North Italy vs. South Italy 


5. The beautiful sunset view at the Sunset Bar before the culinary showdown

Perfect view for a perfect dining at the perfect hotel with your perfect date. So much perfection!

Viva Italia

4. Chef Toni Rossetti tried balut

He was offered a “refreshment” and was brave enough to accept it. But it was not your ordinary refreshment—it was balut! I didn’t know balut could refresh you.

Viva Italia

3. Chef Denis Vecchiato’s strip tease

To award the winner of the battle, the host asked the guests to clap for their favorite.

Viva ItaliaHere’s how Chef Denis Vecchiato asked the guests to clap for him. Haha!

And the winner is…

Viva ItaliaIt’s a draw!!

2. The humility of Chef Toni Rossetti

Chef Toni Rossetti is the chef and owner of Noti Restaurant & Bar in Singapore. Through this restaurant, he is able to showcase his love and passion in cooking Italian dishes. 

Viva Italia

I am amazed by the amount of energy he has! He was cooking, joking around, and telling stories all at the same time. Plus, at the end, he and Chef Denis went around and talked to each person present in the event. He is so humble and nice.


1. Authentic Italian Food! (Yumm)

Viva ItaliaMixed Mushroom Risotto by Chef Toni

Viva ItaliaRisotto with Asparagus and Scallops by Chef Denis

Viva ItaliaPenne sauted with mixed seafood by Chef Denis

Viva ItaliaOrecchiette with Sausage by Chef Toni

Viva ItaliaPizza al metro by Chef Toni and Pizza with bresaula brie rocket salad by Chef Denis

Viva ItaliaA Taste of Italy

These two chefs served nothing but delizioso foods—from pizza, risotto, pasta, and more. They were also kind enough to share us a little from where they came from and how they do it in Italy.

The voyage of taste continues with the rich flavors of Italian cuisine highlighted in the featured selection of the most interactive dining destination, Spiral. Chef Toni Rossetti shared his mother’s favorite recipes and dishes borne from his culinary expertise in an enriched selection of Italian wine from June 14-21, 2015.

You might want to check out A Taste of Australia: Fun Food and Wine Pairing at Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet for another international experience hosted by Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila!


Pictures grabbed from Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, unless labeled otherwise.



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