5 Funny Stories of Ateneans Trying to Beat the Deadline

Written by Annika Villarroel

Are you a master procrastinator? Find yourself waiting until the last minute to submit? Admit it, you are no stranger to that heart pounding, headache inducing hunger games we’re all guilty of. From college acads to org life, we asked Ateneans to share their most insane buzzer beater moments.

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5. The Walwalera

“We had a group paper for FIL11 due the next day, and my group called for an online meeting to work on the paper. On that same day, one of my friends dragged me to go drinking at Walrus. I couldn’t and didn’t want to say no because, at that time, I was a super walwalera. After a particularly heavy drinking night out, I got to my dorm and my phone was blowing up. My groupmates were looking for me. I panicked and I was so nervous that they were doing the paper, so I did my part EVEN IF I WAS SO WASTED. So instead of sleeping on my drunkenness, I worked on the paper and just kept drinking water and coffee in between just to wake me up. We finished the paper though, and my groupmates also knew that I was super drunk. When we finished the paper, they told me: “you know, you’re actually REALLY smart when you’re drunk?”

– Yann

100 done

4. The Absolute Steal

“I commute to school everyday via the LRT. One day, I got held up in the Katipunan station and was robbed. They took everythingmy bag, my laptop, and an 8-page final paper for my Fil11 that was due the next day! I was so devastated. My friends urged me to tell my professor about what happened. He then gave me some leeway, but only for a few hours. I had no choice but to hustle on the paper. But hey, I made it to the deadline.”

–  Adrian


3. The Coding Catastrophe

“It was one of my first important papers in Ateneo. I was running late and my car was coding that day, but I drove anyway to pass my paper on time. Rushing to my school, I was caught by the MMDA. As he was walking over to me, signaling me to pull over, I quickly sprayed alcohol all over my forehead and cheeks. I rolled the window down and said, “Kuya, na ta-tae na po talaga ako, pasensya na po talaga kailangan ko lang jumebs.” The officer then let me go. I arrived just in time to pass my paper. No matter how desperate that was, it was all worth it!”

– Anonymous


2. Hot Off the Press

“So my first paper was for FIL 12. I had a legendary Filipino professor during that semester. We had this 12 page group paper and my groupmates were cramming the hell out of it in the library. The deadline was at 5 pm, so we ran to the printing station and was met with a long line. We managed to print our paper at exactly 4:52 pm. My groupmate then ran the paper to the pigeon hole and our professor was literally waiting outside. When we gave him the paper he said, “Mainit pa tong papel ah“.

–  Mau

Face palm

1. The Epic FAIL

“To accompany a paper we wrote, we were required to have a creative output that was due the same day. Having forgotten about this project, my groupmates came over to my condo as we crammed making the miniature Chinese cemetery at the day of the submission. We were using paper mache and glue, so we were literally blow drying our project as we pieced it one by one together! We passed in time, but our professor still rejected it because it was apparently too big.”

–  Andrea

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