5 Fun Ideas On How To Spend This Year’s Labor Day Long Weekend

Another long weekend is coming up before the month ends!

Have you planned your travel destination or an activity with your barkada already? If not, here are some ideas on how to spend your Labor Day long weekend with fun and friends!

5. Party at Laboracay

I mean, hello, Laboracay is an obvious option! Why don’t you hit up the famous island with your friends, swim, drink, and party just like the good old days? Booze by the beach is always a great idea!

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4. Chill at Labor Union

Want a more laidback vibe with a good mix of partying and surfing? Then, San Juan’s Labor Union is for you! A three-day event at the surf town will surely hype you up until the end of the year!


3. Beach Bum at Baler

Living all the way from the South? No worries, Baler got you! We heard there’s a music festival happening on the upcoming long weekend so you might want to check that out!

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2. Visit Zambales!

The trusted sunny and sandy shores of Zambales won’t fail you this Labor Day long weekend. A four-drive with your peers from Manila is not bad if that means hitting the beach all week long! There’s also a fine arts and music beach festival that’s totally A+!


1. Stay in the metro!

If you’re a bit short on budget or just too tired to go out of town, you may also opt to stay in Manila and enjoy the little less crowded city.

Start the weekend with a Friday night drinks at Makati’s Red Light District. For Saturday, enjoy a picnic in the park at Salcedo’s Saturday Market. Stay-at-home-Sunday is perfect for those who’d rather watch their favorite series while having the air-condition on full blast than to get sweaty outside! And lastly, spend Monday for doing productive things, such as doing the laundry, shopping for grocery and washing last night’s dishes.


Whatever it may be that you’re planning to do this upcoming Labor Day long weekend, make sure it’s gonna be fun and safe! You earned that extra day off so, you go, Glen Coco!

Which would you likely be doing on the long weekend? Tell us in the comments!


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