5 Fun Facts about Marvel that EVERY Fan Should Know

Words by: Karl Batungbacal / Graphics by Clarence Abiera

After watching Infinity War, we feel like the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done incredibly well when it comes to breathing life into some of our favorite comic book heroes like Iron Man, Captain America, and fringe favorites like the Guardians of the Galaxy. As such, we thought it would be cool to share little facts that we’ve picked up from our countless hours of reading the comics and watching the movies.

5 Fun Facts about Marvel that EVERY Fan Should Know

5. Steve Rogers was a comic book artist.


If you can recall that scene in the first Captain America movie where Steve Rogers was drawing in his notebook after a failed war bonds presentation… this is actually what they were alluding to. It was a very quick scene, but fans of the comic books surely appreciated the shoutout because this fact is lost on some people.

4. “Wakandan” is a real South African language.


No, we’re not kidding. Based on the very real language isiXhosa, Marvel has done well in incorporating a multi-cultural approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we’re thankful that they did. As with all things, time and effort must be spent in order to fully understand and speak a new language. Even the actors had a hard time with it; just ask Lupita Nyong’o.

3. “Thank You, Instagram!” – Tom Holland (probably)


At this point, we’re not surprised that this was how Tom found out that he landed the role of the 15-year-old Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The 21-year-old says that he was browsing through Instagram and saw that Marvel’s account had posted and told people to go check out their site to find out who the new Spider-Man was.

At first, his brother Harry dismissed it as hackers playing a practical joke on everyone; but as soon as the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige called it in, all doubt was erased!

2. Black Panther is richer than Tony Stark.


Move over Mr. Stark, King T’Challa’s here. While we do love the technology that Tony Stark can make and afford, it pales in comparison to the technology found in Wakanda. We’re not really surprised because if you were the king of a South African nation that has been hidden from the rest of the world for the longest time and coincidentally has the rarest element on Earth, how could you not be that rich? P.S. Vibranium is the country’s most precious research and a gram of it costs $10,000 (Fantastic Four #607).

1. Vin Diesel didn’t need a lot of editing for his Baby Groot voice.


The gruff and uber-macho face of the Fast and Furious franchise lent his voice to the MCU by voicing Groot, the sentient tree that was introduced in 2014’s smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. The general public is highly aware of the deepness in his voice because of the way he speaks in the Fast and Furious movies to the point that we sometimes asked, “What did he say?”

Well, director James Gunn has gone on record to say that Baby Groot’s voice is almost entirely Diesel speaking at a much higher vocal register. This might come as a surprise, but die-hard fans of his won’t be that shocked because the actor frequently posts videos of himself singing.

Got any more facts that we should know? Sound off in the comments below!