5 Creative Filipino Kids’ Costumes That Are Too Cute for Words

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop getting gigil over adorable kids in costumes.

These kids and their respective elders deserve all the recognition in the world for their creative costumes this year!

5 Creative Kids’ Costumes That Are Too Cute for Words

5. Money Heist Suits

Even if you got annoyed by the plethora of Money Heist masks that popped up at practically every Halloween party this year, there’s something different about seeing kids don the masks.

Eunice Villamayor is a full-time mother to two children, Kyroz and Alisha. Her playful son Kyroz, who loves to play with guns and spiders, dressed up in that same costume. Eunice and her husband are huge Money Heist fans. So, when Kyroz told them that they were having a Halloween parade, the first that came to Eunice’s mind was the Money Heist suit. “After that, we always play the song Bella Ciao remix on YouTube, and Kyroz got so hooked on the song, he always sings it with the mask on,” she shares.

Kid Money Heist

Kyroz isn’t the only one who donned the Money Heist suit. Last September, Kathleen Alano started watching Money Heist and came up with the idea of making red overalls for the family for the Halloween.

She finished her clingy, happy, and smart daughter Kelsy’s first, who just happens to have the same hairstyle as Tokyo! Check it out:

Little Tokyo Kid

4. Angkas Boy

Shaena Manzano’s son Staniss was a taho boy last year, and it was a big hit because he was such a trooper. In the past, he has also dressed as a centaur, a beggar who will work for candy, Eleven of Stranger Things, and Tinky Winky of Teletubbies. This year, Shaena and her husband brainstormed for a Halloween costume while in heavy traffic when their creative bubble burst when they were surrounded by the men and women of Angkas. Fortunately, Staniss (can we talk about how cool his name is, too, please?) is always game. “While trick-or-treating, he even shouted ‘Book na and Angkas, tara na!” Shaena shares.

Angkas Kid

3. Goku

Dragon Ball Z never gets old – and so, Iya Grandia’s 2-year-old cute and smart nephew dressing as Goku just has to be on this list. Iya shares that his parents chose the Goku costume because of his hair and to be unique because his costume was handmade. In fact, he won Best Costume when they attended a costume party for toddlers. He loves his costume!


2. Flounder

This definitely deserves attention because the entire family dressed up together. Business owner and chef Kelly Parreno-Librojo and her husband Migo took their 1-year-old son to California to trick or treat this year. Since Kelly always loved The Little Mermaid as a child and their son was given a cute Flounder costume by her husband’s aunt, they just pretty much went with the theme. Since they couldn’t find a Prince Eric set, Migo even DIY-ed his costume. “I was telling him to just be Sebastian but he just rolled his eyes at me,” Kelly laughs. She also points out that dressing up for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is be creative and enjoy the experience.”

Kelly Parreno Little Mermaid

1. Milk Tea

Who here loves milk tea? Probably everyone. And because of that, in a world full of princesses and fairies, Shena Mariveles decided to dress her daughter up as milk tea!

“Went to our very first trick-or-treat at IBM. Won a spot in the best in costume awards. Thank you,” Shena shares.

Macao Milk Tea Costume

Did you see any cute kids this Halloween? Share their photos with us!

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