5 Common Misconceptions About Tinder

Words by Annika Villarroel and Meg Torrente 

Have you ever found yourself staring at your smartphone or computer screen, wondering how in the heck you got to a certain side of the internet? You were just scrolling through videos of cats jumping off of buildings (bless them), and then suddenly you’re in the mysterious and seemingly unknown world of online dating.

Tinder is one of those enticing universes where curious individuals flock to when they want to catfish. Kidding! This is how it really goes down in the oh-so-confusing world of Tinder:

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 5. CREEPERS. Creepers everywhere!

A lot of people have this common notion that Tinder is full of creepers, low-key serial killers, and the like. Having that mentality about the Tinder community is what drives a lot of people away from trying the app. Well, the reality is that there are very few creepers on there. Majority of the users are ordinary people having a go at the app, just like you! If ever you do encounter a creeper, you’ll probably sense it from the first chat anyway.


4. I will never get a match on there.

Some people like to think that Tinder is like the Hunger Gamesa survival of the fittest. This gets people thinking “I’ll never get a match. Why bother?” DO BOTHER. Tinder has a very diverse community. You will definitely get matches, surprising as it sounds. It’s almost impossible to not get a match. However, the good catches usually already got their own catch before you even get to match with them. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth the try!


3. It’s full of desperate and/or sex-deprived people.

Uhm, excuse you! You’re on the app too, my friend, let us not forget! Do NOT be quick to judge. It’s true that there are a lot of people simply looking for flings or hook-ups. It is true that some people use Tinder as their last resort to dating. Let’s not shame them. Everyone has their own reason for being on Tinder, even you.


2. It’s shameful to be seen on Tinder (or using Tinder)

A lot of people, whether they like to admit it or not, have been and are on Tinder right now. Look at the person next to you for any potential swiping behaviors. Yes, you might come across your sister or your uncle’s Tinder profile in the swiping process, but remember, honey, you’re on there too. As said earlier, don’t judgejust move along. It’s 2017. It’s time to move on from shaming those who have a go at online-dating apps/sites.


1. No real connections will be made from Tinder matches.

Are you kidding? You probably know at least one person in a happy and healthy relationship that started from Tinder! And you know what? There are tons of real and honest connections to be made on Tinder because you will definitely make friends while you’re on there. Heck, maybe that old fling of yours will turn into a pretty cool platonic friendship in the long run. The point is, Tinder provides real connections whether it be platonic or non-platonic.


Eliminating the idea of sex-deprived creepers who come to haunt your dreams at night and replacing them with friendly people with a potential to build relationships or friendships upon is the next step to officially understand the scary world of Tinder. Now that you’ve been officially acquainted, time to try it out for yourself! OH! And never forget to MESSAGE FIRST! 

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