These People Found Great Dates On Tinder

Love really moves in mysterious ways, and thanks to smartphones, one of the most unexpected places you can find love is online.

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While we’ve vilified online dating sites such as Tinder, OKCupid, Grindr and what-have-you as a breeding ground for horror dates and cheap, meaningless hookups, here are stories of people who have gone online… and found dates that have actually gone well. A lot of them progressed to relationships, while some of them remained dates that they would remember.

Celina, 20, dating for 4 months

[We met on] Tinder.I was heartbroken at the time and wanted a distraction. I never intended to be this serious about someone though.

We matched around the first week of November. My bio was “Message me your number so we could talk.” And when we matched, he said “Not going to argue with your logic” and he gave his number and we talked. We talked a lot via text and got so interested with each other that we decided to meet up. We had our first date at Makati. Had dinner at a Japanese place then had ice cream and coffee. Before I got into my Uber, he asked “Can I kiss you?” and I was so surprised that I just nodded my head. He gave me a kiss and we called it a night. We never stopped hanging out and talking since.

The most memorable parts of the relationship was when we went out of town. In only a span of two months, we’ve been to so many places together. That was when we really got to know each other and got really comfortable with each other’s company.

I think we’re a perfect fit because we always make the most out of our time. We’ve never had any dull moments. Always a fun time with him.

I love how open we are to each other. We always talk about the important things right away, and never sugar coat anything.

I think it’s a great platform for meeting certain kinds of people. Believe me, there are more creeps on Tinder than you think, but there are decent people on there too. Just make sure you guys talk about what you want to say to people when they ask how you two met.

Marcelle, currently in a relationship

I met her on Tinder. One of my first of many dates on the app, but also one of the best.

I was looking for something serious. I can honestly say I wasn’t hankering for hookups when I got into tinder.

The conversations even prior to meeting up were fantastic! Didn’t take long before I started talking to her via FB chat, and we found out we had a lot of common friends.

We first met up about two weeks after we matched on tinder. We just had lunch and it was a fascinating time with a fascinating person.

If by “perfect,” we mean something romantic came out of it, no. But as far as meeting someone and getting to know them, it was great.

We’re still friends to this very day.

There was no romantic spark to speak of, but we got along mighty well – enough that I’m hosting her wedding this year. 🙂

 Thoughts on this? Do you know a couple who met online?