5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Your Monito-Monita

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting

Everyone’s getting extra busy, streets at night are getting brighter, queues in supermarkets and malls are getting longer (and so are Christmas wish lists). With all these energizing Christmas carols everywhere, it’s unmistakably our favorite holiday again! Speaking of gift lists, one dilemma that we always have in this time of the year is when we run out of ideas on what to give as Christmas presents to our Monito and/or Monita. Not only that, sometimes we need to stay within our budget or a certain amount. Do you have any ideas yet?

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Worry no more! We’re here to narrow down your hundreds of choices to five affordable gift ideas in classic categories Kris Kringle traditions usually have. This will surely make your gift hunt easier!

5. Something Cute

Have you ever come across these cute neck pillows around the Metro? Apparently, they have been a trend this year! This one’s perfect especially for people who like to travel or who squeeze in power naps between break time in the office. Not only is this gift pretty useful, it is obviously sooo cute.

Price range: 149-299php

4. Something Wet

This is one unusual category your strange colleague might have suggested, but outwit everyone by getting a hand cream as a present. Some are even sweet-scented and healthy for the skin for affordable prices! Your Monito/Monita will surely thank you for his/her moisturized hands every day.

Price range: 99-199php

3. Something Long

This is probably one of the hardest categories any squad’s meeting will ever come up with because there’s just a lot to choose from! You may not have thought of this one, but why not give these pastel-colored earphones sold in most of the trendy Asian stores in most malls nationwide? Obviously, this useful item has loooooong wires which are perfect for something long.

Price range: 79-299php

2. Something Colorful

Colorful socks sold in almost anywhere in the Metro would be highly recommended. It’s a smart buy because note that everyone wears a pair of them every day, whether it’s a Monito or a Monita. Tip: Choose colors that best suit your Monito or Monita’s personality!

Price range: 99-299php

1. Something Yummy
The most affordable and yet the most winning buy for your Monito or Monita is no other than Whatta Tops “Krismas Delight” pack which includes two limited edition variants of goodness, Tsokolate with white chocolate topping and Mango Espesyal!

Each pack, which costs only 50php (SRP), contains 3 pieces for each new flavor.

Not only is this gift super affordable and yummy, but it will also spread out more Filipino-style Christmas vibes to anyone who receives it. Who doesn’t like Tsokolate and Mango anyway?

There you go! Your Christmas present doesn’t have to be too expensive to still win your Monito/Monita’s heart. In addition to that, make it look superb by wrapping your present in your most creative way. Have fun!

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