4th Fix and Focus Forum

The 4th Annual Fix and Focus Forum, also known as FFF, is a gathering of Junior and Senior High School Students to learn more about the academic course and profession of civil engineering. It aims to inspire and prompt the students to strengthen and realign their passions, and make knowledgeable decisions towards their career choices.

This year’s theme is “Vector: A look into Civil Engineering.” Vector, being one of the core Physics concepts, serves as threshold knowledge for higher engineering purposes. In an attempt to discover the magnitude and direction of one’s role in the community through engineering, Fix and Focus Forum would like to present the perspective of the civil engineering profession to spark social awareness and responsibility to contribute engineering solutions to society. This year’s FFF is composed of 2 sessions. On November 10, we will be holding the Building Design Competition with the theme “Magnitude” and on November 17, we will be holding the forum with theme “Direction.”

In the forum, high school students are gathered to proactively listen and engage in discussions regarding the basic concepts, social issues, and emerging technologies in civil engineering. Fix and Focus Forum offers to provide the privilege of hearing firsthand experiences from professionals and students of civil engineering, and ultimately ignite their passion in Engineering.

To further complement this opportunity, interactive workshops will be provided that will give students a glimpse of what engineers do in their profession in respective fields and other complementary skills that students may need in pursuing engineering.

The Building Design Competition is open to all participating schools. Each school can provide one (1) team composed of five (5) members. Given the concept of design and certain specifications, each team must create a building having taken into consideration its technicality, strength, and economic efficiency. This competition shall serve as an avenue to encourage students to think critically while providing opportunities that will instill the core principles of engineering.

Choosing a specific career choice makes up one of the many crossroads an individual may come across in his or her entire lifetime. Being presented with an array of possible professions without having sufficient knowledge of what’s in store may seem daunting in the eyes of a young adult, and may even result in misguided decisions. Providing them with these experiences will help them consider whether the field is one they would potentially want to take.

The choices and actions we take individually and collectively can produce a nation of builders powered by the passion to help their own communities. It is then fitting to equip the youth with knowledge that will help them as future leaders and builders of our nation.

The 4th Annual Fix and Focus Forum with the theme Vector: A look into Civil Engineering, will be held on November 10 at P&G Melchor Hall and November 17, 2018 NISMED Auditorium in University of the Philippines – Diliman.

You have the Magnitude, Find your Direction.

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