4 Things To Consider When Planning A Trip Abroad

Travelling abroad for the first time can be exciting, but it’s best to be prepared before jetting off to unknown territory. Here are just some things to consider when you’re planning your overseas trip.

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4. Check visa and passport requirements.

Before booking that ticket, check the requirements per country — each country’s tourism website contains their visa and passport requirements per country. Some destinations allow visa-free travel for certain periods of time, while others require that you present a visa upon arrival.

3. Create an itinerary.

While it can seem tempting to throw caution to the wind and go on a spontaneous adventure, being in a new place can lead to all sorts of trouble — getting lost, for example, can already cost you precious time. Other factors may also arise such as taking longer in one spot than the next. Always check helpful reviews on your planned destinations and see whether they’re available on certain holidays.

2. Organize a daily budget.

Depending on where you’re travelling, some cities can be high-cost and can take up so much of your budget on food alone. Taking into consideration your ticket fare and travel taxes, plan a daily budget that you and your travelling buddy can follow per day. It would also help if you could look up restaurants you want to try so you can get an estimate of how much you would need to spend.

1. Check out cheap accommodations.

If a hotel seems too pricey for your budget, there are numerous ways you can avail lodging for cheaper. Other cities offer homestays, and hostels are a popular choice among backpackers — aside from the cheap prices, you get to mingle with other travellers, and staff could recommend backpacker-friendly activities as well as other tips.

Airbnb is also a popular option for those who don’t mind renting a room or an apartment. If you’re feeling more adventurous, couchsurfing is also a nice way to get to know locals and have a more in-depth experience of their culture.

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