4 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Pickup and SUV

Article by: Anjoan Galauran

Just as fashion can be a personal artistic expression, the way you dress up your car reflects your personality as a car owner.

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Are you a daring soul gearing your ride to brave the grand outdoors, a safety-first rider who keeps every detail in check, or an urban cruiser who wants a ride exuding your personality’s vibe? Whichever type you may be, here are some reasons why a bare SUV or pickup truck straight from the sales garage can be bumped up to inject style and functionality that complements your lifestyle.

4 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Pickup and SUV

4. To rev up your road style

Some rides command reverence at first sight. Well, what better way to draw eyes to your vehicles than to stand out from the crowd?

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Consider revamping the front end of your vehicle by adding a front and rear bumper for a more aggressive appeal. Check out high-quality bumpers and rear bars by MCC 4×4 accessories and bang-for-your-buck options from Hamer to give your road machine a facelift. Not only do these parts boost angst, but they can also reduce damage on the chassis in the event of an impact.


Make your ride kick dirt in style. Swap your rims for a sleeker appeal by Fuel, Ballistic, Scorpion, and Hussla Wheels; they offer sleek eye-striking rims that can transform your truck into an instant eye-turner.

3. To muscle up vehicle performance

Be it braving the urban jungle or the tempestuous off-road conditions, make sure you gear up your ride for every environment.

Wheels and tires do all the dirty work in every adventure. As such, optimizing them for the type of terrain you intend to conquer is important to achieve a smooth and exhilarating ride.

The US-brand Mastercraft Tire has built a solid reputation for manufacturing sturdy and safety-ready tires since 1909. Locally, it offers All Terrain (AXT), Mud Terrain (MXT), and CXT Hybrid variants for city driving, off-road, and dual use respectively. Another US brand Fuel Tires offers the Gripper A/T and Gripper M/T options for your ride.

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You may also opt for Australian multiple-terrain tires by Monsta. The Mud Warrior variant is king of the muddy terrain and off-road, while the Terrain Gripper is the all-terrain tire designed to offer superior comfort in every environment.

2. For secure ride comfort

The bumpy, jagged terrain of an off-road adventure calls for a stable suspension system that can absorb motion and impact. Make sure to equip your rig with high-quality springs and shocks to achieve a comfortable ride.

Springs negate excessive shake from reaching the chassis. A notable line includes the Australian-brand Lovells crafted from micro alloy steel. Locally, the brand offers coil spring and leaf spring sets.  The Lovells spring is best paired with the Ridemax Suspension Technology, innovative shock absorbers engineered with a super twintube design consisting of a large piston and shaft engineered for heavy duty performance.

Leading its line is a 4-way adjustable model sporting a technology exclusive for Ridemax Philippines and crafted perfectly for city driving. Other shock options include the premium 10-way supreme model and Monotube Long Travel for long drives.


Vehicle stability should not be side-tracked. Other suspension parts you may want to take note are upper control arms and traction bars. Thai brand Option 4WD offers superior quality custom parts that can be tailor fitted to your vehicle type.

1. For safety, protection, and versatility

Accessories aren’t merely for show and decoration. They actually carry functions that often get overlooked.

Stepboard, for instance, not only makes climbing your tall ride easier; but also protects your vehicle from road debris including rocks or nails that may hurl onto your truck’s side or base, saving you from additional maintenance in the long run.

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Rollbar, meanwhile, can shield your hood from crashing in the event of a roll over. It also allows you to integrate LED lights on top of your vehicle for more style and flexibility during off-road trips.

Taking your family on a weekend trip? Having a ready roof rack allows you to load more equipment including luggage, bicycles, surfboards, kayaks, and other active gear. It can also free up space in the interior to pack in more guests and riders.

Don’t fear shelling out extra bucks if it means protecting you, your fellow riders, and your family members. Having a tow hitch, like the one offered by Hamer, ensures that your truck can be towed or used to assist other vehicles in the event of an emergency. Always consider packing recovery kits to get yourself or fellow drivers out in the event that they get stuck.

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Don’t forget to think about your truck’s ground clearance, either. Will you be driving on even terrain or sharp, bumpy roads, floods, and endless muddy puddles?  As a rule of thumb, an elevated truck is more suited for obstacle-filled terrains, while vehicles with low ground clearance are more apt for driving control, better aerodynamics, and fuel efficiency.

Additionally, the former is widely used for off-roading while the latter, for city driving and long, smooth road trips. Check out Option 4WD’s lift and drop kits to achieve the optimum height for your truck.


Interested in buying these accessories? Visit the Ridemax Philippines group’s authorized dealers nationwide. Also, catch the Team #RidemaxPH ‘s badass customized offroad rigs and #RidemaxBabes (brand ambassadress) this 2018 at the Bumper to Bumper car shows, TransSport Show, and Manila Auto Salon/Sport Truck Show.

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