4 More Signs To Know Your Dog Cares About You

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4. Your dog yawns when you yawn.

When your dog yawns when you yawn, this means he is empathetic to your emotions.

3. He doesn’t make a fuss when you leave.

Newly-adopted pups freak out when their human leaves home, because they are still insecure and unsure whether their owner will come back for them. But when your dog loves you and has bonded with you enough, he watches you leave for work calmly, confident that you’ll be back by night time.

2. Your pup leans on you — literally.

When your dog leans on you, he’s not just showing affection; he also shows that he depends on you for security. If he is feeling particularly anxious, he will lean on you even more for reassurance.

1. Your dog brings you his favorite toy.

When your pup brings you his favorite toy, he’s not just saying, “Play with me!”. He is showing you his toy as a treasured item of his, and you are special enough for him to share it with.

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