4 Great Places To Go For Your Barkada Outing: Chill Spots For Groups of Friends Near Manila

4 Great Places To Go For Your Barkada Outing: Chill Spot For Groups of Friends Near Manila 


Having a stressful week/month? Planning on travelling, having fun and relaxing? If so, then it is highly advisable to bring a friend or someone special to share those unforgettable moments. Friends make every tiring journey a spectacular one. They’re there for support, the occasional teasing, but mostly the memories made through companionship that you’ll always treasure.

Here are some places where my friends and I made the best memories whilst travelling.


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Challenging Mt. Romelo – Buruwisan Falls, Laguna

Travelling Buruwisan Falls LagunaUsually, the glorious view of Mother Nature comes hand-in-hand with challenges, some challenges of which come in the form of hiking and climbing. Our epic journey took around 2-3 hours to commute to Laguna from Alabang and another 2 hours to hike up Mt. Romelo. It was my first time hiking and it was extremely hard. The initial trail was okay, but when we went further it became more difficult. Along the way, though, we saw some incredible scenery. Our little expedition paired with jokes and laughter on the side made the hike more fun (and bearable).

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Travelling Hiking Buruwisan Falls LagunaWhen we reached the top of the falls, we then had to climb down only holding onto branches and stepping on boulders. It was fun and made me feel like Indiana Jones for some reason. We then reached the falls and the view was extraordinary. All our fatigue from the hike went poof as soon as we laid eyes on this wonderful creation of nature. We took our time letting it all sink in. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done physically, but knowing that I was with my friends gave me the strength to move further and when we reached our destination, it became all worth it.


Chillin at Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas

Going to Batangas has always been a treat for me. I love seeing Taal Volcano. The landscape just makes me feel really at ease. The scenery is just too beautiful and it never fails to impress me whenever I see it.

Travelling Mataas na Kahoy Batangas Taal VolcanoOne time, we had this spontaneous outing with no plans and no idea where to go in Batangas. We searched for a few resorts online, but it was always so common. So we decided to just hop in the car and look for a great resort while driving around Batangas. We took our time going from resort to resort and voila! We came across La Virginia Resort and Hotel. It’s this humongous area with a lot of places to explore and things to discover like statues of The Hulk, a Buddha temple and other surprises scattered across the resort. You’ll enjoy exploring and getting surprised by what you’ll find.

Travelling Mataas na Kahoy BatangasAfter swimming in literally every pool available in the resort, we then explored every inch of the actual resort. We had fun getting amazed by what was in store at every turn. It was a great outing spent having fun and just chillin. The great part was stumbling upon something with no plans or guides and creating great memories with my friends out of it.

Travelling Mataas na Kahoy Batangas


Messing around in Maragondon, Cavite

Maragondon, Cavite has always been my barkada’s safe haven. A friend has a house in the area and we always go there whenever we have the time. It is our place of comfort where we can escape from the city and just have a great time.

Travelling Maragondon CaviteOur favorite spot is the rivers in Maragondon, Cavite. It’s really easy to access and we usually just walk from the town to get there. Travelling to Maragondon isn’t that hard, either. Commuting takes about 2 hours and a drive usually takes an hour. The river side is simply marvellous. It’s not that deep and the water is really refreshing. It has rocks that are beautifully aligned, too, making the whole place look perfectly exquisite. The trees and plants around the area create the prefect shade during the summer, as well, making it look like your own private getaway.

Travelling Maragondon CaviteEven after high school, graduating from college and getting different jobs, we always make time to go there. It became one of our traditions and it’s a place where we have made quite a few memories. It’s a wonderful place that we will never get tired of visiting. The time spent in a paradise like this just becomes more perfect when you are with the people who are closest to you. 


Romance in Manila, Philippines

Travelling Manila

Manila has always been a romantic city for me. The history of the places that make up Manila is the accumulation of passion and dedication of the people that built its foundation. Manila is just awesome when seen from a bigger picture. Like, The Clock Tower of Manila City Hall sneaking a peek of Intramuros and its beautiful rustic wonders, and Luneta embracing all of our country’s beautiful stories and housing our rich heritage that made us Pinoys are just few of the things that hint at how romantic our wonderful capital really is.

Travelling Manila

I have fallen in love with Manila. Memories and experiences best recollected with people you care about are at every corner where you reminisce and then create new and even more wonderful memories.

Travelling Manila

Going to different places may sometimes be a pain in the butt, but having people share those aching feet mixed with little moments of laughter makes every journey worthwhile. Try it!

Where’s your favorite barkada outing spot? 



4 Great Places To Go For Your Barkada Outing: Chill Spot For Groups of Friends Near Manila