3 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for AsiaPop Comicon 2018

Words by Neil John Vildad / Graphics by Kitkat Tan

Calling all comic book fans! Asiapop Comicon (APCC) just released their first batch of artist and celebrity guests for this year and it will surely excite all of you! As the biggest pop culture event in the Philippines, AsiaPop Comicon caters to different aspects of pop culture. This is why there’s room for everyone with a fandom and why you should not miss this year’s event.

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for AsiaPop Comicon 2018

3. Comic Book Legends Will be There


As per comic con tradition, comic book artists will be attending the event to share their work with their fans. This year, Asiapop Comicon has invited multi-awarded comic book artist Lan Medina, the first Filipino artist to win the prestigious Will Eisner Comic Industry Award, best known for his works in “The Punisher: MAX,” “Deadpool,” and “District X

Joining him is Mike McKone, who is known for his works in series like “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Astonishing X-Men,” “Fantastic Four”.

Another comic book artist attending this year’s comic con is Phil Noto who worked on “X-Men Origins: Iceman” and “Avengers: The Origins”.

Completing the lineup of comic book artists this year is, of course, once again, Whilce Portacio, co-founder of Image Comics, and an artist who worked on Marvel Universe classics such as “Hulk,” “Incredible Hulk,” “New Avengers,” and “Iron Man.”

2. Exclusive Marvel Content

Since Marvel will once again be a major partner for this year’s comic con, “Hall M” will be making its comeback. Hall M is an entire exhibit hall dedicated to all things Marvel: exclusive merchandise for collectors, never-before-seen content, exclusive previews, screenings of upcoming shows, and so much more!

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1. Get to Meet Marvel Heroes

Comicon will not be complete without the actors and actresses from well-known TV shows and movies. Leading the first batch of Hollywood actors to grace Asiapop Comicon 2018 is Finn Jones, playing Danny Rand in the hit Marvel series “Iron Fist.”


Joining him is his on-screen partner in the TV show, Jessica Henwick, playing the role of Colleen Wing. wimapcc3

This year is APCC’s fourth year, and it is surely something to look out for, especially for Marvel fans, as there will be a lot of things in-store for them this year. This is just the first batch of artists who will be gracing AsiaPop Comicon this year, though. Be on the lookout for the upcoming announcements soon to see who else will be joining this amazing lineup!