3 Multitasking Swimsuits You can Wear to the Beach… and Beyond! With Beyond the Beach PH!


Written by Alessi Brugada (@alessilikesit) Photos by Lance Cha (@lankay)

We’re predicting multifunctional swimsuits to be all the rage this year. Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking suit that can take you to the beach and beyond? And since swimmies these days come in all shapes, styles, fabrics and cuts, you’re guaranteed to look dressed to impress, wherever you are. We show off three of our fave swimsuit styles of the moment from local and aptly-named brand Beyond the Beach, and the many places you can take them.



The Beach Bum in Orchid

The Gym

Ahh, the ever-indispensible neoprene. They’re flattering, sturdy, practically water proof, and come in every color of the rainbow. This pair is equal parts sporty and sexy, and follows your body’s every move and contour. Have your bikini top double as a stylish sports bra and maximize your wardrobe mileage like a true fashion girl. The bikini top’s racer back cut also makes it a perfect fit for the gym, yoga class, crossfit arena, or wherever your workout routine takes you.



Surfer’s Paradise in Black

The Party

Another neoprene beauty; this one-piece is cut out in all the right places. Now, swimmies in da club, at raves, or street parties aren’t uncommon, and for a good reason. They can withstand hours of dancing and sweating while keeping you looking ~*fabulous*~. This special piece, however, is a one-of-a-kind stunner. The incredibly flattering malliot style looks great on ANY body type, and the sleek neoprene fabric keeps you looking sharp even on walwal mode.



The Busy Day-Trip

A long day outdoors, under the sun and filled with countless photo-ops? Sounds like the perfect opportunity to show off this cotton-candy scalloped number! A jam-packed day of sightseeing calls for an outfit that withstands potential wardrobe malfunctions, above all else. And nothing spells foolproof like a halter onesie lined with an adorable scalloped cut. Perfect for temple runs, island-hopping, and food trips!


Shot at Villa Kubu in Seminyak, Bali

Forgive us for stretching the limits of our creativity and resourcefulness, but there really is no limit to where you can take versatile swimsuits! And let’s face it, nothing speaks resourceful like suits that suit every location and occasion.  These bikinis are guaranteed to take you to the beach… and beyond! Good news for online shoppers like me, Beyond the Beach PH finally has a web store to make shopping for your next pair of swimmies a cinch! Even better news is that they’ve recently restocked the designs we’ve featured – go get ’em girls!

Beyond the Beach PH


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3 Multitasking Swimsuits You can Wear to the Beach… and Beyond! With Beyond the Beach PH!


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