3 Easy-to-Use Watercolor Products You Should Start Using Now

Whether you want to amp up your watercoloring life or are looking for products that will make your watercoloring life easier, we’ve found three products that your artsy side is sure to love.

3 Easy-to-Use Watercolor Products You Should Start Using Now

Stabilo Aquacolor

Whether you are a student, an amateur artist, or a professional artist; you should unleash your creativity with these premium aquarellable colored pencils! The Stabilo Aquacolor pencils are available in 36 exciting water-soluble colors that will help you overcome any creative challenge in your way.

The best thing about these aquarellable colored pencils is that you can either use them wet or dry to create stunning effects and artwork. You can use them on dry paper and then blend the colors with a wet brush or use them on damp paper, so that the colors will naturally blend into each other. The color can even be used with a wet brush directly from the pencil tip.

Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi

This traditional Japanese solid watercolor has a water-based pigment, making it ideal for sketching, illustration sumi-e and more by beginners and experts alike.

These paints are non-toxic and each come in an individual tray that can be removed from the palette during use. The underside of the box lid features a color chart that you can fill in yourself using the actual watercolors so that you can see exactly how they will appear when used.

Mijello Mission Gold

If you’re looking for great dispersion and color uniformity, Mijello Mission Gold is what you need. Created from the finest pigments available, Mijello Missio Gold are the first watercolors ever manufactured that are free of silicone dioxide. Just make sure you shake the tubes before use, so that the contents mix well.

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Here’s the swatches video as promised. As most of you know I recently bought @mijello_mission Gold watercolors. For swatches, I thought of making it like a “dot card” style! I hope you like it too! ?? I am not good at making swatches ? But I kinda liked this dot card style! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! ?? . P.S. sorry for a weird angled video, when I am not lettering, I usually tilt my paper for a comfortable writing/painting ??? . . ?Materials ? @cansonpaper Montval watercolor paper @mijello_mission Gold watercolors 24 colors set @silverbrushlimited black velvet brush . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #anushaivaturi #ai_watercolor #swatches #mijellomissiongold #missiongoldwatercolor #satisfyingvideos #processvideo #timelapse #artvideos #watercolorvideo #artsharing #watercolorswatches #silverblackvelvetbrush #watercolorart #timelapsevideo #art_sharing #igart #indianartist #art_collective #art_hub #satisfying #missiongold #leftyartist #surelysimpleart #surelysimple

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Innovative in their formulation, Mission Gold is naturally viscous and unsurpassed for its clarity and luminosity. Created from only the finest pigments available, these colors are matured in traditional Korean pots until they achieve maximum brilliance. The result is pure, intense color that is lightfast with minimal color shift. The absence of a thickening agent also means that the concentrated colors disperse beautifully, even on a dry palette and paints left to dry for months are easily lifted.

What are you waiting for? Look for your next favorite watercolor product today!

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