FUNNY: Ethel Booba’s Hilarious Tweets Will Give You Hope

There’s no wonder why comedian Ethel Booba is winning the internet right now— her tweets, ranging from political opinions to jokes and anecdotes, are downright brilliant! We can’t get enough of her wit, so we decided to do a quick compilation our favorite Ethel Booba tweets. Charot!

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20. Hindi naman ito Clash of Clans!

19. Bes, pera ng bayan yan.

18. Oo nga naman!

17. Eto pang Christmas season.

16. Ano pong hanap nila?

15. Ang tawag dito, unity!

14. #StarMagicBallPadisPointEdition

13. Hirap naman i-spell!!

12. This joke is not for the brainless.

11. Quotable quote!!

10. C H A R O T

9. PAK!!!
8. Wala talagang capital ang Pilipinas!
7. Ethel Booba is all of us.
6. May bago nang meaning ang PPAP.
5. I-educate mo!
4. Check your sources kasi, bes.
3. Basa basa rin tayo guys!
2. Okay, see you there!