20 Photos of Street Art Depicting the Ugly Truth of Global Warming

When in Manila, we could see different forms of vandalism around the city. While these are often regarded as mess that have to be covered up with vines or paint, Julija K. from Boredpanda.com‘s photo compilation proves just how powerful street art could be.  She is currently holding an online campaign where netizens are encouraged to submit and vote for photos of street art depicting the ugly truth of global warming. She wrote: 

As the world moves to cities, so does art. And just as art can inspire political action and resistance, so too do the walls of the city become canvases for important street art messages. The graffiti and street art on this list is perfect for spreading messages about environmentalism and climate change to a wider audience.

This street art uses simple slogans and provocative images to spread important and inspiring ideas in ways that are easy to remember. Such art can inspire people to action or at least remind them about important issues that they may have forgotten.

Be sure to vote and comment for your favorite street art pieces! If you’ve spotted a powerful graffiti as well, do not hesitate adding it to this list!


20.) Ice Ice Baby by Pobel

Global Warming20


19.) The Earth Pie of Trash by Blue

Global Warming19


18.) Animal Cruelty is Everywhere by ROA

Global Warming18


17.) Eating the Earth by Blu

Global Warming17


16.) Eat Yourself, Unknown Contributor

Global Warming16