20 Cool Touristy Things That Visitors Can Do in Manila

Whenever I have friends visiting from other countries, I always seem to struggle with figuring out where to bring them in Manila, especially when they specifically say not to bring them to the beach because they already have plans for that. Of course, I want to give them a proper Manila experience, but that’s easier said than done.

After putting our heads together, though, we finally came up with 20 cool touristy things that visitors can do in Manila:

20 Cool Touristy Things That Visitors Can Do in Manila

20. Try an Intramuros tour.

Salomon City Trail Intramuros run

Regardless of whether you decide to join one of Carlos Celdran’s tours, like the walking tour or the movie tour, or decide to go down a healthier route through the Bambike tour, or even a lazier route through the Segway tour; Intramuros is full of beauty and photogenic places that tourists are sure to love.

19. Ride a kalesa.

Salomon City Trail Intramuros run

While in Intramuros, tourists may be interested in going on a kalesa ride, as well. Kalesas are also available at Rizal Park. To avoid the heat, it would be highly recommended to ride one in the morning, or during the late afternoon or early evening.

18. Try other tours.

Smokey Tours

There’s a fun food tour in Binondo, Chinatown where people can enjoy a slew of delicious food while getting to know Binondo better, for example, and a Smokey Mountain and Bicycle Tour. Your choice of tour will, of course, depend on your friends’ personal preferences, though.

17. Volunteer.

Gawad-Kalinga-Volunteer-Charity-Philippines (34)

There are so many problems in Manila that it won’t be hard to find a cause for tourists to volunteer for if they are passionate about something. A friend of mine comes here on a regular basis to visit orphanages, but there are also a lot of places that need help with building houses and animal welfare groups for the animal lovers out there.

16. Visit different museums.

Mind Museum 6

As with other countries, Manila has its own collection of museums that people can visit, as well, such as the National Museum (visit the Spolarium!), Ayala Museum, Money Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Yexel’s Toy Museum, and the Mind Museum.

15. Try a board game cafe.

Dyce n Dyne When in Manila Board Games Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan-53

If you haven’t seen your friends or relatives in a while, then one great way to bond and catch up would be over some good food and board games at a board game cafe like Dyce n Dyne. If you need some ideas on which games to play, here are 11 Quick and Exciting Boardgames for Newbie Players that you can try out.

14. Go to Luneta.

Luneta Park  When in Manila Mae Ilagan-4

There are lots of different things to see at and around Luneta. In fact, it’s chock full of things to point out and talk about with tourists, such as Luneta Park, Manila Hotel, the Rizal monument (and its horrendous photobomb), and Quirino Grandstand.

13. Ride a jeep.

This Jeepney Driver Brings His Whole Family to Work

Of course, a jeep ride has to be on the itinerary! Just make sure to tell your friends to hide their valuables and to dress comfortably to avoid unwanted mishaps.

12. Experience EDSA traffic.

EDSA traffic

This will happen either way, so find good ways to entertain them – traffic hugot lines, anyone?

11. Chill at Manila Ocean Park.

Manila Ocean Park

Although not something that can only be found in Manila, Manila Ocean Park is a fun place to go to if only to walk around and chill. Plus, there are a lot of places nearby to go to, as well. It is located near Rizal Park and also has a 3D Art museum in it, so there is a slew of activities to do all day. Plus, you can stay at Hotel H2O for a night, which has floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the Park or Manila Bay.

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