20 Awesome Movies to Watch Out for in 2016

2015 is about to end, and I’m sure all of you are looking forward to so many new things in 2016. I’m sure one of those things are the cool, funny, scary and even cute movies coming out next year. That being said, here are some of the movies you definitely need to watch out for.


 #20 X-Men Apocalypse

After 2014’s Xmen Days of Future Past comes its 9th installment, the X-men Apocalypse. Casting started back in 2014 and the movie is set to be released on May 27, 2016.

Movies 2016 (03) Xmen apocalypse


#19 Captain America Civil War

The much awaited sequel to its Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier is happening this coming May 2016. As the poster below says, “Whose side are you on?”

Movies 2016 Captain America


#18 Jungle Book

90’s kids unite! Jungle Book was one of my favorite movies as a kid. I just loved all the characters, especially Bagheera and Baloo! The live action remake of Jungle Book is hitting the big screens in April 2016.

Movies 2016 (05)


#17 Now You See Me 2

Three years after the first movie comes Now You See Me 2. The cast will be facing a new enemy who will need them to pull a very dangerous heist.  Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe will also be joining our all-star cast for the second installment. The movie is set to be released in June 2016.

Movies 2016 (06)


#16 Minecraft

Now here’s something a lot of kids, and maybe adults would really be excited it. Minecraft is rumored to be releasing a movie next year! The movie is set to come out on May 1, 2016. In case you weren’t aware, Minecraft fanatics share that the “64” in the date means 1.

Movies 2016 (07)


#15 Alice Through the Looking Glass

Another Tim Burton film is set to come out in May 2016. The movie is based on Lewis Caroll’s Through the Looking Glass and is the sequel of the 2010 film, Alice in Wonderland. Movie-goers can expect to see Johnny Depp play the role of the Mad-Hatter yet again.

Movies 2016 (08)


#14 Allegiant

The 1st of the 2 part sequel of the Divergent series is hitting the big screens in March of 2016. The Divergent series is a science fiction movie based on  the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth.

Movies 2016 (09)


#13 Suicide Squad

I don’t know about you, but the idea of having all the super villains in one film looks really exciting! Not to mention having Will Smith and Jared Leto as part of the cast. A secret government agency uses supervillains to take on a dangerous mission that could lead to their death, hence Suicide Squad. It’s set to be released in August 2016.

Movies 2016 (10)


#12 The Finest Hours

The film is loosely based on the true story of the Pendleton rescue mission attempt in 1952 where the coast guard makes a daring rescue after two oil tankers were destroyed in a blizzard. The Finest Hours hits theaters in January 2016.

Movies 2016 (12)


#11 Warcraft

This might be another exciting movies for gamers worldwide. Warcraft is based on the video game series and novels set in the world of Azeroth. What would happen when humans and orcs meet for the first time? The movie is set to come out in June 2016.

Movies 2016 (13)


#10 Tarzan

Tarzan to be played by Alexander Skarsgard is  set to hit theaters in July 2016. The movie will not just be about Tarzan’s origins but about his journey back to Africa, not knowing he was pawn to the captain’s greed.


Movies 2016 (14) Tarzan


#9 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange doesn’t come out till November 2016, but we’re pretty sure all of you are already excited to learn more about it. Doctor Strange will be the 14th installment of the Marvel series and we’re hoping it’ll just be as exciting as most of the Marvel movies.

Movies 2016 (15)


#8 John Wick

The bad-ass hitman returns in 2016. Keanu Reeves will once again be playing John Wick. When it was first released in 2014, people didn’t really expect much from it. However, most were surprised at how brilliant the film turned out. We’re hoping its sequel would be just as good, especially now that expectations are high.

Movies 2016 (16)


#7 London has Fallen

The movie is a sequel to 2013’s Olympus has Fallen. Still with Morgan Freeman and Gerard Butler, the cast now  heads to London. The prime minister has just died and all the world leaders must attend his funeral, little to their knowledge, someone has a plot to assassinate all the world leaders during the event. London is set to be released in March 2016.

Movies 2016 (18)


#6 Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist

The movie is a sequel to The Conjuring released last 2013. In the second movie, the Warrens, still played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, travel to England to investigate some paranormal activity at a house in the London Borough of Enfield.  Conjuring hits cinemas in June 2016.

Movies 2016 (19)


#5 The Huntsman

The Huntsman is a prequel to the 2012 film, Snow White and the Huntsman. After Kristen Stewart’s scandal with director Rupert Sanders, the planned sequel was changed into a prequel which would no longer involve Stewart as Snow White. The film however will still be based on the characters of the German tale, Snow White. The movie is set to be released in April 2016.


The Huntsman

#4 Kung Fu Panda 3

Despite how “corny” this movie may sometimes be, I still laugh and smile when I watch it. There’s just something about Kung Fu fighting panda bears! (haha) In the third installment, Po (Jack Black) travels with his biological father to a secret panda sanctuary. He eventually needs to train all the pandas to become a band of Kung Fu pandas!

Movies 2016 (21)


#3 Zoolander 2

15 years after the first Zoolander movie, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back! Stiller had been wanting to create the sequel for quite some time, so we’re really glad he was finally able to put everything together. The movie takes places in Europe where Derek and Hansel face several challenges in their modelling career. The movie hits theaters in February 2016.

Movies 2016 (23) Zoolander


#2 Deadpool

I’m biased for any Ryan Reynolds film, but having him play a bad-ass superhero just makes everything so much better. Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary after being subject to a rogue experiment. Deadpool is the 8th installment in the X-men film series and hits theaters in February 2016.

Movies 2016 (01)


#1 Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice

As soon as Superman came out, everyone already knew that this was coming next. It’s an all out battle as a god-like superhero and a powerful vigilante go to war. Unfortunately, with 2 of the superheroes at war, a new threat quickly arises which puts human nature in greater dangers than ever.

Movies 2016 (02)


Wow! 20 awesome movies coming out next year… and this isn’t even half of all the movies that we can expect to see next year. Which film are you eager to watch?