“2 Broke Girls” is Cancelled

2 Broke Girls is Cancelled

It’s sad day for 2 Broke Girls fans: after six seasons of showing the lives of Max Black and Caroline Channing, the CBS show has been cancelled.

According to reports, the show has been cancelled due to declining ratings and the need to accommodate three new shows.

The move is surprising considering the show has steady ratings, getting 5.

6 million viewers per episode. Rotten Tomatoes also praised the chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs in the first season, saying, “Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have undeniable chemistry, and although 2 Broke Girls is at times bogged down by predictable jokes, this old-fashioned odd couple sitcom is rich with laughs.”

2 Broke Girls follows Max and Caroline, two waitresses who struggle to keep afloat a cupcake business. Max was raised in poverty while Caroline is the daughter of a billionaire who was arrested for his involvement in a fraudulent money scheme.

As the show went along, it received criticism for its sexual and racial jokes. The New Yorker commented that the supporting characters were written in a way that is “so racist it is less offensive than baffling.” Three of its supporting characters are foreigners: the Ukrainian cook Oleg, the Korean owner of the diner Han, and the girls’ Polish friend Sophie.

The last episode aired on April 17, with Max’s boyfriend Randy proposing to her.

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